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After watching people for a while, I've discovered there are quite a few things couples shouldn't do in public. While the couple might be comfortable with it, everyone else around is distinctly uncomfortable. Not to mention, when you look back, you might not be too proud of it either. All of these things couples shouldn't do in public are best left for the privacy of your own home.

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Over the Top PDA

Simple kissing, holding hands and hugging are fine in public. A full out make-out session is one of the top things couples shouldn't do in public. I've actually seen clothes coming off. Save the intimacy for a more private setting. You never know who might be watching or even filming. Keep it simple and decent while you're out in public and definitely leave the clothes on.


Loud Fights

You will have times when you argue in public. The problem is when the fight gets out of control. Do you really want to air all your dirty laundry for the park or restaurant to hear? While it might be entertaining for everyone else, it'll be embarrassing for you when you realize what was said. If you feel yourself wanting to yell, take a breath and call a time out until you get back home.


Degrade Their Partner

Honestly, I'm not sure why the couple is even together in this instance since the other person can't be happy. However, I regularly see one person degrade the other by calling them not so friendly names. If it's just something the couple does to one another and it isn't actually degrading, it seems that way to those who over hear it. Try to be nicer to one another in public.



Nothing is more awkward than having to sit near a couple during the breakup speech. It's uncomfortable for everyone. Breakups can be extremely emotional and both parties deserve a private location to have the conversation. Do whatever you can to avoid a public breakup. It's messy, embarrassing and disrespectful to your partner. For the sake of the happy times you did have, breakup with your partner in private.


Baby Talk

It might be cute to call your partner your witty bitty snookie wookems in private, but it's weird in public. Baby talk is best left for private moments between you and your partner. All it ends up doing is embarrassing the recipient. Plus, the people around you are a little creeped out by it. If you want to use a pet name in public, keep it simple and avoid using the cutesy baby voice.


Dirty Talk

Dirty talk in public is just as bad as too much PDA. No one wants to hear what you're going to do to each other when you get home. There are some things that should stay between the two of you. If you really want to talk dirty in public, whisper it in your partner's ear where no one can hear. Trust me, the two of you can wait until you get in the car or back home before getting into X-rated conversations.


Discussing Private Matters on Social Media

Social media is the online version of public. It's not the place to discuss personal matters. Your friends and family aren't interested in seeing you fight, talk about financial troubles, discuss personal problems or any other private matters between the two of you. Most social media sites have private messaging or chat. Use those instead. Leave the public messages for talking to your friends and family and not just each other.


Getting Jealous

While it's fine to get jealous, sometimes couples go overboard with it. It's not okay to start yelling at a cashier simply because he or she smiled at your partner. If you're jealous, calmly talk to your partner about it. If you feel a fight building, take it somewhere private. Being overly jealous is embarrassing for your partner and awkward for everyone else involved. Consider having a serious discussion with each other if this happens often.


Brag Loudly

I can't believe how many couples are desperate for attention. If you're a happy couple, that's wonderful and I'm thrilled for you. It's not appropriate to constantly brag about how happy you are and how great of a couple you are to everyone around. You don't need to compare yourself to other couples or even singles to have a great relationship. Focus on each other and leave the bragging behind.

Odds are, you've encountered some of these situations yourself. It probably wasn't the most pleasant experience. If you're guilty of some of these, now's the time to make a change. What other things shouldn't couples do in public?

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Agree with points raised in this article. Please note that "find" in line 1 of paragraph should be spelt 'fine'

exactly why I hate some couples especially when they are my closest friends 🌵🌵🌵

I just saw this couple make out on the bench in the mall. I'm talking about MAKING OUT making out

Over the top PDA 😷✋ We don't think ur new found " Love" is as cute as u do lol

This article literally sums up high school couples. Whenever I'm in a relationship I follow all of these rules.

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