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17 Winter Date Ideas That Beat Netflix and Chill ...

By Holly

While it's always nice to relax on the couch with your sweetie, it can get boring. That's why you should plan exciting dates that will get you two out of the house. It's never the wrong time for a fun adventure, so here are a few autumn date ideas that you should try before the season ends:

Table of contents:

  1. Take a canoe ride
  2. Go mini golfing
  3. Try geocatching
  4. Go pumpkin picking
  5. Create bird feeders
  6. Carve pumpkins
  7. Buy halloween costumes
  8. Make a spooky gingerbread house
  9. Go apple picking
  10. Visit a corn maze
  11. Take a hay ride
  12. Watch scary movies
  13. Make a picnic
  14. Go horseback riding
  15. Go zip lining
  16. Visit a haunted house
  17. Find a fall festival

1 Take a Canoe Ride

Steering a canoe requires teamwork. Not only will this date help you two learn to work together, but it'll also give you a romantic view of the leaves changing.

2 Go Mini Golfing

A little competition is healthy. That's why you should challenge your partner to see who's the best mini golfer around. The winner gets a kiss!

3 Try Geocatching

Don't hesitate to download the geocatching app. What is that, you ask? It's an app that will show you where treasure is hidden in your town. Then you and your partner can go hunt for it.

4 Go Pumpkin Picking

You can't let Halloween pass by without picking pumpkins. It'll give you and your partner a chance to walk around a field and chat.

5 Create Bird Feeders

If you both love birds, you can create feeders out of pinecones. All you need to do is smear it with some peanut butter and then sprinkle some bird food onto it.

6 Carve Pumpkins

After you go pumpkin picking, you need to do something with your new pumpkins. Grab a knife and carve them up, or at least splatter them with paint.

7 Buy Halloween Costumes

Don't you want to look sexy for your partner on Halloween? If you do, you should go shopping with him to pick out your costume, so you can get his opinion on it before you buy it.

8 Make a Spooky Gingerbread House

You don't have to wait until winter to make gingerbread houses. Instead of making a cheery one, make a spooky one.

9 Go Apple Picking

Apple picking can take up an entire day. When you're done, you can go home and whip up an apple pie together!

10 Visit a Corn Maze

Corn mazes are fun for the whole family. Even if you end up getting lost, you'll still have fun as long as your man is by your side.

11 Take a Hay Ride

This is perfect for lazy couples. You'll get to enjoy fall scenery without moving a muscle.

12 Watch Scary Movies

If you're going to sit around on the couch, you might as well watch some scary movies. October is the perfect time for it.

13 Make a Picnic

Grab a basket and a blanket and eat outside together before the snow starts to fall. Don't let the opportunity pass you by.

14 Go Horseback Riding

If you're both animal lovers, then hop on a horse. You can share one or each take your own.

15 Go Zip Lining

The best time to go zip lining through the trees is when their leaves are changing colors. There's nothing more beautiful.

16 Visit a Haunted House

Get your adrenaline pumping by visiting a haunted house together. Don't worry, because you can protect each other.

17 Find a Fall Festival

If your town throws a festival, go to it. You might win a prize, eat some delicious candy apples, or meet new friends!

These dates should keep you and your man occupied until winter! What other dates do you plan on going on this fall?

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