10 Awesome Budget Friendly Date Ideas ...


10 Awesome Budget Friendly Date Ideas ...
10 Awesome Budget Friendly Date Ideas ...

I love date night, especially fun budget friendly date ideas! It’s a chance for my husband and I to unwind, break free from the kids and the rest of life and reconnect with each other. However, sometimes our checking account doesn’t let us go on the same types of dates we did before we had a family and responsibilities. That’s why I am always looking for fun budget friendly date ideas. With budget friendly date ideas, it means I don’t have to give up date night with the husband just because the checking account is dried up.

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Who doesn’t love a picnic? First off, it is an excellent budget friendly date idea. You can pack your picnic from the foods you already have a home. Plus it doesn’t cost in money to go sit in a park or grassy meadow. Save even more money by riding bikes to your picnic date.


Dance Lessons

Dance lessons are fun and romantic. You’re moving, bodies are touching, and you might be working up a little bit of sultry sweat. This budget friendly date idea is surprisingly cheaper than dinner and a movie.



Ask around for good hiking trails in your area. Grab your date and lace up your tennis shoes. Don’t forget your camera to take pictures along the way to remember your hike. It's great exercise and it's super fun when you do it with someone that you care about!



If you have dated for a while or been married for a few years, chances are you have plenty of pictures and memories to look back on. Stay in one night, turn off the TV, shut down your computer, and ignore your phones. Stay in the moment with each other and share your favorite memories from the past. This is by far the the best budget friendly date idea because it costs nothing!


Dessert Only

Who says you can’t have dessert for dinner? Going out for just dessert and no entrée is perfect budget friendly date idea when you are trying to save money, but want to do something nice. You can go out for ice-cream or order dessert at one of your favorite restaurants.

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Happy Hour at Home

This is one of my favorite budget friendly date ideas. I love happy hour. I love meeting my husband at our favorite pub on the way home from work, but sometimes drinks out just aren’t in the budget. Instead one of us will pick up our favorite imported beer, margarita mix, or wine on the way home. Best of all we can get out of our stiff work clothes and enjoy happy hour in pajamas or sweats.


Movie Night

Going out to the movies can easily run about $30 to $40, maybe even more is certain cities. However a movie at home is easily less than $5. Turn off the lights, put in a movie, and get cozy on the couch with your date.


Home Improvement Stores

I love watching home improvement shows on TV, so it’s not surprise that this would be one of my favorite budget friendly date ideas. It doesn’t cost anything to wander around the store. You can dream up ideas for your future home together. Pick your perfect kitchen or the plants you want growing in your garden.


Hotel Room

I know staying in a hotel doesn’t sound like a budget friendly date idea, but it doesn’t have to be that expensive either. I’m not saying to in the penthouse suite. But a change of scenery could be nice. Find a hotel with a nice pool and hot tub, relax and enjoy.

Budget friendly date ideas aren’t impossible to come up with. You just have to think outside the box and be a little creative. Even if you aren’t tight on money many of these budget friendly date ideas would make excellent dates to change things up from the typical dinner and a movie. Do you have a favorite budget friendly date idea? Please share with me!

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