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Sometimes sneaking in some quality time with my Husband seems impossible with our schedules, but when we do have time together, I love finding unique date night ideas. He works 40 hours a week; I'm a stay-at-home Mom and work from home. I have two toddlers 2 and 3 years of age. So, leaving to go out to a nice dinner sometimes isn't in the books. But, I definitely came across a few ways to have the best date nights... even on a budget! Here are my 7 best date night ideas.

1. Movie Night in

I'm sure you've all heard of Netflix! Who doesn't love Netflix?! This is a huge staple in my household. After dinner and after I put the kids to bed, the Hubby and I love to just sit on the couch together and watch some Netflix or even rent a movie off iTunes! This is a great way to spend time together and we can eat all the snacks we want right out of my pantry! Super fun!

Making Dinner Together


How brilliant!
Heather Jensen
Hi Andrea! These are fantastic suggestions! Thank you for adding those. I know that the Scavenger Hunt sounds amazing -- that'd be a great date night!
I gotta say I thought this was a bit disappointing...I mean, folding laundry is really one of your *best* date nights? The point of a date is to spend some quality conversation and laughs doing somet...
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