Selfie Sex Pics That Made Us Cringe ...


Selfie Sex Pics That Made Us Cringe ...
Selfie Sex Pics That Made Us Cringe ...

So.... Apparently #AfterSexSelfie is a thing. It's a real thing. I feel out of the loop that I didn't know selfie sex And on one hand I get it; it's super sex positive, plus post-sex snaps have the potential to be sensual, even beautiful. On the flip side, they have just as much potential to be awkward as hell. I mean, awkward for the people in them because we all know what they were just doing. I defy you to check out these post-coital snapshots and not laugh at least once. (Author's note: the following post contains NSFW images and dirty language, so you've been warned.)

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Thumbs up, Tongues out

Thumbs up, Tongues out Oh, Miley. Whatever, they got it in, they're happy, they just want to share it with the rest of us. I guess.


Who is That?

Who is That? Hahaha, that face! Hopefully he got coffee for her; that might soothe her confusion a little. This after sex selfie is the epitome of hilariously awkward right down to the caption.


All the Grunting ...

All the Grunting ... Her face=priceless, that caption=epic! "He grunts!!!" This selfie sex image is laughable.


… No Words

… No Words Oh my... She looks like she's been through some things. This brings a whole new meaning to selfie sex.


Please Leave … Now

Please Leave … Now I hope this turned out all right because if looks can kill, this guy probably didn't make it.


This is a Bad Decision

This is a Bad Decision What is he even doing? Is he taking a post-sex selfie of his own? Why is he making that face?! So many questions left unanswered.



Oops? He didn't even bring any coffee. Rude. She's hella cute, though.


I Don't Remember …

I Don't Remember … Do we see a pattern developing here? Unknown **sex selfie **partners is apparently part of the trend. Also, is he sleeping with his phone clutched in his hand?



Whoops! These facial expressions are killing me!


Please – Somebody Help

Please – Somebody Help I'm serious. I'm honestly sitting here giggling. That pout! I really can't say this should never have been posted because then I couldn't laugh at it.


Uh Oh …

Uh Oh … Ohhh … that's not good. That's not good at all. It could be worse, though because it could be his best mate's current. At any rate, this sex selfie is great to have on this list.


The Selfie That Makes No Sense

The Selfie That Makes No Sense What are you doing, bro? What's so funny? Share the joke, not just half of your face. And are you leaving before she wakes up? Kinda rude...


We can't help but tilt our heads, perplexed. Serious question: Did you mean to press the shutter button? Maybe it's an avant-garde statement about partial identities in the digital age, but let's be real – it's probably just a photo fail. Chop off the other half next time, and you could start a trend. It's the photo equivalent of a conversation that cuts out mid-sentence—and we're dying to hear the rest. Keep your selfie game strong, but whole faces are generally preferred. Just a tip!


Just You and Your Hand Tonight

Just You and Your Hand Tonight Hahahaha! That's actually pretty clever. This is by far the best sex selfie that ever was.


Him and His Hand, Too

Him and His Hand, Too This one has a face! OMG I'm dead over here.


She is Not Impressed

She is Not Impressed He maybe should've checked that before he shared this. She really just … that's like the face of disappointment.


Wait a Minute …

Wait a Minute … Wait. Wait. What am I looking at here? Oh this in cringeworthy in and of itself.


Revenge Selfie

Revenge Selfie This has a story attached to it. Ten points to Slytherin if you can find it!

Do you indulge in the after- sex selfie trend? Do you share your post sex selfie or keep it for your own personal records? Share if you want!

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These are too stupid. I don't see the point of sharing these kind of photos with the world.

These are all so posed and I'm not sure why you would even bother making this an article. Really ridiculous!

The article makes no sense, as well as being too weak !

These are so tacky to say the least. Oh look, I had drunk sex and I know I can't even remember who I slept with. Ugh.

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