17 Adorable Selfie Ideas for Couples Who Have Been Together Forever ...


17 Adorable Selfie  Ideas for Couples Who Have Been Together Forever  ...
17 Adorable Selfie  Ideas for Couples Who Have Been Together Forever  ...

It doesn't matter if you want the world to see how cute you are, or if you're only taking the pictures for a personal scrapbook. Either way, you should snap more pictures than usual, so you have memories to look back on! Here are a few photo ideas for couples:

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On the Beach

When it gets warm enough, head to the beach with your boyfriend. Then you can take a picture on the sand together. You don't even have to ask him to face the camera in order to look adorable.


From Far Away

Set your camera up a few feet away. Then take a photo that'll include your whole bodies.


Genuine Smiles

You shouldn't stare straight at the camera and fake your smiles. You should try taking a picture when you're genuinly enjoying each other's company.


In the Water

How gorgeous is this photograph? The next time you go to the beach, see if you can snap one like this.


Making Mushy Faces

You might be too embarrassed to show this one to anybody else, but that doesn't matter. You need a photo of you two in your natural state.


In Bed

You don't have to take a sexual picture in bed together. Just get on top of the sheets and then snap a photo of you two cuddling.


Arms around You

You don't have to kiss in order to take an intimate picture. One like this will make it clear that you care about each other.


Typical Selfie

There's nothing wrong with taking a regular selfie. Hold the phone out in front of you and smile at the camera.


You Kissing Him

Instead of locking lips, give him a kiss on his cheek. It'll look absolutely adorable!


Him Kissing You

It's time to turn the tables. The only thing cuter than you kissing him is him kissing you!


Matching Outfits

Your friends will either make fun of you for dressing the same or will consider you the cutest couple in the world. It's a risk you should be willing to take.


Slightly Sexual

You can take a semi-sexual picture without removing all of your clothes. Of course, it can't hurt if his shirt is off.


On a Date

If you go out apple picking or strawberry picking, make sure you get more than just your faces in frame. Get your surroundings, too.


On a Bench

For some reason, pictures on park benches are just plain pretty. That's why you should let your friend borrow the camera to snap a photo of you two sitting down together.


Looking Away

Try getting a photo while you're looking away from the camera. It'll be artsy.


Holding You

You don't have to wait until your wedding day in order to take an adorable picture like this. Jump into your man's arms and then start snapping!


Holding Hands

You don't have to get your whole bodies in the shot. Get a simple picture of you two holding hands.

Take out your phone and start snapping pictures, so you have memories to look back on in the future! How long have you been with your boyfriend?

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