Bad Relationship Advice You Shouldn't Listen to ...


Bad Relationship Advice You Shouldn't Listen to ...
Bad Relationship Advice You Shouldn't Listen to ...

There is definitely some bad relationship advice you shouldn't listen to. There are certain people in life who think that every single word that comes out of their mouth is gold. You know what I’m talking about; you’ve got at least a couple in your life right now! These kinds of people tend to get particularly excited when it comes to giving out relationship advice. They might think that are dropping pearls of wisdom, but in truth the ‘advice’ that they give could easily be described as bad at best, and disastrous at worst! If you are in a new relationship and the bad advice givers in your life are circling like vultures, here are some of the most common awful pieces of bad relationship advice you shouldn't listen to.

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“Nobody Will Love You until You Love Yourself”

This can be a damaging statement for people who suffer from things like anxiety and depression because it implies that just because they have problems with things like self-esteem and self-worth, nobody else is going to see something attractive in them either. This just isn’t true; what you don’t like about yourself can often by the thing that somebody else loves. Don’t shut yourself away from romance just because you are feeling 100%.


“Your Partner is Your Other Half”

Though this might be true in a coupling sense, it doesn’t mean that you are less than a complete person on your own. You partner should be something that turns you into a complete person, they should be something that adds to your already fully formed existence. The worst thing you can do is buy into the nonsense that you aren’t truly a woman unless you have a man by your side.


“Never Go to Bed Angry”

Hey, sometimes people need to experience anger in order to be able to work out their true feelings. Committing to never going to bed angry with one another is a great way to bottle up feelings, and those feelings will probably burst out of you at the worst possible point in the future. You are both adults, allow yourselves to be angry when you really need to be. It’s more mature than hiding your feelings.


“Little White Lies Don’t Hurt”

Yes, they do. The only time a little white lie, or a big red one, in fact, doesn’t hurt is when you have gotten away with something, and this is a bad cycle to get in to. The more you tell white lies, the more emboldened you might be to start telling red ones, and before you know it you have told so many lies that you don’t know how to cover your tracks. And anyway, why are you lying to the person that you love in the first place?


“Relationships Are 50/50”

In an ideal world, this is true, but that shouldn’t stop both your and your partner from taking on a few extra percentage points if one of you is feeling overwhelmed or is distracted by work or family for a time. You should be willing to take on the extra weight of the relationship if your partner needs some help!

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