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I have come across so many sad quotes about lost love while browsing, but there are a handful I have found that show the beautiful side of lost love. I know it sounds ironic because losing someone you are in love with is never easy, but these quotes about lost love show the silver lining to such a painful ordeal. Here are a few of my favorite beautiful quotes about lost love.

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Loving and Losing

Loving and Losing Of all the quotes about lost love I have read, this is one of my favorites. This quote used to make me angry, because losing love is horrible! Right? But as I thought about it, I realized that William Thackeray is right; loving and having the love reciprocated is amazing, but knowing you can love and having felt that in your life, even if it doesn't last forever, is also amazing. I have grown to love the depth of this quote.


Don't Cry

Don't Cry This Dr. Seuss quote shows the glass-half-full side of a breakup. We often dwell on the fact that a love has ended, but if you think about it, you're sad because something wonderful was once in your life.


Never Loving at All

Never Loving at All This Alfred Lord Tennyson quote is very similar to the William Thackeray quote above. I absolutely love the subtle difference though, in that this quote highlights the beauty and power of love despite the pain that can come with it. Having loved, even if the love didn't last, makes life so much more worthwhile than never having loved at all.


Not a Goodbye

Not a Goodbye This Nicholas Sparks quote from the book Message in a Bottle brings tears to my eyes! I often look at those with whom I had passionate relationships and realize that even though our love didn't last, the time I spent with them was so beautiful and something I will forever cherish, even if only as a memory.


Love Doesn't Change

Love Doesn't Change At first I thought this Nicholas Sparks quote seemed sad, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that it is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately people and circumstances do change and that can affect how relationships play out, but isn't it quite possible that love isn't actually the thing that is changing?


Growing Pains

Growing Pains This J.S.B. Morse quote from Now and at the Hour of Our Death can often help us deal with a broken heart and look at it in a positive light. If you think of a broken heart as growing pains that will work in your favor to find love in the long run, it’s easier to accept the feelings associated with losing someone you love in the present.


You Can't Lose

You Can't Lose This quote by Barbara de Angelis is so beautiful. I am the kind of person who would rather play it safe in love to avoid getting hurt, but I have come to realize that in the end, I will never "win" by doing this; I can only lose opportunities. There will be some "wins" and some "losses" when you love, but you can only ever lose if you never love.

I love searching for beautiful quotes. Which of these lost love quotes do you most relate to? What other ones do you like?

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