Can You and Your BF Answer These Newlywed Show Questions?


Can You and Your BF Answer These Newlywed Show Questions?
Can You and Your BF Answer These Newlywed Show Questions?

The Newlywed Show was a popular gameshow back in the day. It took three different couples and asked the women a series of questions while their partners were in another room. Then they would bring out the men and see if they could come up with an answer that matched their wife's answer. The winning couple was the one that could match up the most answers. Of course, you don't need to get a group of couples together in order to test yourself with these traditional Newlywed Show questions:

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What Would Your Partner save from a Fire First?

Do you know what material item your partner values the most in the world? It's time to decide if they would save your photo albums from a fire, or if they would save their precious Xbox from that fire.


What Celeb do They Think They're the Most Similar to?

This question is a tricky one. It's not asking something simple, like who their favorite celebrity is. That's why you'll learn a lot about the way your partner views himself after hearing his answer to this question.


Our Relationship Would Be Perfect if We Could Agree on "BLANK"

Try to think of the biggest problem that the two of you have. It doesn't have to be something serious. You can say that you never agree on what to watch on Netflix or on who the winner of Big Brother should be.


What Was the First Thing He Cooked for You?

Try to think back to the beginning of your relationship to remember what he's made for you in his kitchen. If he's never actually cooked for you, then it's probably time for him to do so.


How Many Shoes do You Own?

Some women will have more trouble answering this question than their man will, because it's impossible to add up all the shoes you have lying around the house. However, give it your best guess. Round to the nearest hundred, if you must.

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What’s the Last Book They Read?

If your partner doesn't read for some silly reason, you can ask him what the last show he watched was instead. Of course, that question is a little trickier, because there are millions of different things that he could've been watching before he visited you.


What Item of Clothing do They Wear That You Can’t Stand?

This one might get you two into a fight, or it might cause him to finally throw away that shirt that you hate. Those are some pretty good odds, don't you think?


How Does Your Man Know when You're in the Mood?

Some people don't realize that they do little things that give away the way they're feeling. That's why you might be surprised to hear what your "tell" is when it comes to getting turned on.


How Did He Know He Was in Love?

There's no better way to end the game than by asking this question. If you've never heard the story of how your boyfriend realized he was in love with you, then now is the time to hear it. It's bound to make your heart melt.

It doesn't matter if you do well or poorly on these questions. The point of asking them is to learn more about your man. How many of these questions did you and your boyfriend get correct?

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