What Does Your Cuddling Position Say about Your Relationship

By Holly

Is there anything more relaxing than cuddling with your boyfriend after a long, hard day? It's an intimate experience that can help the two of you feel closer, even though you'll be asleep during it. Whether you're plopping into bed for a quick cuddle or are getting ready to sleep through the entire night, here's what your cuddling position says about your relationship with your boyfriend:

Table of contents:

  1. resting your head on his chest
  2. hugging him
  3. just touching one hand or leg
  4. not touching at all
  5. sleeping face to face
  6. big and little spoons
  7. taking up all of the space

1 Resting Your Head on His Chest

Resting with your head against his chest, so you can hear his heartbeat while you sleep, is one of the most romantic cuddling positions that exists. If you cuddle like this, it means that your boyfriend is trying to nurture you and make you feel safe. He'd do whatever he possibly could to protect you from the dangers of the world.

2 Hugging Him

This is the most intense cuddling position. It's when two people hug each other while they sleep, intertwining all of their limbs. It looks pretty uncomfortable, which is why this position usually only occurs in the beginning stages of a relationship, when their love life is hot and steamy. It means that they don't want to spend a second away from each other.

3 Just Touching One Hand or Leg

If you always hold hands while cuddling, or drape a leg over your boyfriend's leg, then that means that you're in a balanced relationship. It suggests that you’re okay with having some space in the relationship, but still want to feel your partner next to you to know that they're there.

4 Not Touching at All

Some couples don't actually touch when they're resting in bed together. This could mean two completely different things. Either their relationship is so stable that they don't feel the need to act clingy, or their relationship is on the rocks and they don't feel the desire to touch at all.

5 Sleeping Face to Face

Couples who sleep face to face love to talk. They think that communication is an important part of any healthy relationship, which is why they love to look directly at each other while they talk--and even while they sleep.

6 Big and Little Spoons

There are two different ways to spoon. Either your boyfriend will wrap his arms around you, or you'll wrap your arms around him. Either way, the person acting as the big spoon is the protector, who wants to keep the other from harm. Meanwhile, the little spoon loves to feel like they're being taken care of and pampered.

7 Taking up All of the Space

This one isn't exactly a cuddling position, but it's a common way for couples to sleep. It's when one of you takes up the majority of the bed while the other is stuck in a small corner of the bed. If you're in this position, it means that one of you is willing to let the other have their way, even if it means that they're uncomfortable for the entire night. They're willing to sacrifice their happiness for yours.

No matter what way you two cuddle, you should continue doing it as long as it makes you feel comfy and cheery. After all, these cuddling positions won't be able to accurately describe every couple--just the majority of them. Which cuddling position do you and your boyfriend always fall into?

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