7 Creative Ways to Say 'I Love You' ...


7 Creative Ways to Say 'I Love You' ...
7 Creative Ways to Say 'I Love You' ...

If you’ve been feeling the heat with your honey, it may be time to break out the creative ways to say “I love you.” While most have uttered these life-changing three words, not many have done it with imagination. Here are 7 ideas to transform the moment you say “I love you” into a romantic story you’ll tell again and again. You ready to explore my creative ways to say 'I love you'?

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Tape It

One undeniably creative way to say “I love you” is to give him a video he’ll cherish. You’ll need some basic video editing skills for this one: first, gather your cutest photos as a couple. Put them in a video slideshow complete with your favorite tunes. For the grand finale, get on-camera and tell him exactly why he’s such a great boyfriend. When your flick ends, say “I love you” to his face. Believe me, he won’t need a video to remember that!


Frame It

I’m sure you’ve snapped tons of photos with your beau, so now it’s time to get crafty. Order this inexpensive frame –it’s only $9– at dinotalk.com. What makes a plain white frame so special? Well, you can record your “I love you” directly onto the frame. Your guy can play it back with the press of a button. Plus, you can even decorate your handy photo holder, making it all the more personal.


Leave a Note

Another creative way to say “I love you” is to leave him a few notes –and not just a “buy milk, honey” on the refrigerator door. Now’s the time to pull out your best stationery and get to work! Write a handful of lovey dovey messages and think of hiding spots he won’t go through immediately. For example, his sock drawer (if he’s already dressed), a book he’s planning to read, and his coat pockets are prime places. I’ve done this for my girlfriend and she still has every note saved (as in, she found them charming).


Make a Playlist

Calling all music buffs: Don’t wait another second to create your perfect love-song playlist. It’ll be music to his ears! Light some scented candles, prepare dinner, and turn it up as soon as he walks in the door. Just don’t be surprised when he brags to his buds about how good he’s got it! There are tons of songs that you can then use for your wedding, if you two do end up tying the knot later in life!


Enter the Blogosphere

If you've been together for one year or more, a creative way to say “I love you” from anywhere at any time is to create a blog all about the life you share together. Ground rules, no complaints about your loved one, posts that include personal information like home or work addresses, or scandalous photos. Start by posting your favorite photos and love messages. Send him a link and login info at a time when he’s feeling stressed out (like a hard day at work). It’ll be an instant mood-lifter! Update it at your discretion and encourage him to keep checking back for more. Who knows? He might be inspired to leave you a few romantic messages of his own!


Order Take-out

I know you’ve probably ordered takeout a zillion times before. But hear me out: Even though you’re ordering from your go-to Chinese restaurant, dessert will be a much different story. Make sure that you pick up the order (alone!) and swap the usual fortune cookies for custom-made ones. You can order them at tankinz.com. Since the message is customizable, they should all say “I love you”. He’ll be wondering how you managed to pull it off, you smart cookie!


Say It with a Latte

One last way to creatively say “I love you” is with a latte stencil. Yup, those do exist and one can be found at etsy.com. My girlfriend and I are total caffeine addicts, so if you’re anything like us, it’ll be fun –and romantic– all around. These are fantastic little hints that let's him know that you love him! It's so different and unique too!

With these 7 ideas, you’ll get that “I love you” out in no time. Which one will you use? Do you have any of your own to add? Have you ever said I love you to someone? Give up the stories in the comments ladies!

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i need to practice these seriously!

I need advice! I want to tell this guy I like him, but I'm scared. First, of rejection and second that he will tell people and my dad would find out since he is the superintendent at my school :P

Please make an android appp :)

I did after almost 5 months and it was an epic fail...lol. Learned my lesson. :)


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