15 Valentine's Day Gifts to Get Your Man ...


Finding the right Valentine's Day gifts for men is never easy! They don't like anything we do (yanno, Coach purses, anything from Victoria's Secret), they are so difficult to shop for! This Valentine's Day, if you are looking for the right Valentine's Day gifts for men, you've got to check out my list. I've got a gift for every type of guy!

1. Cologne


Cologne is one of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts for men! My mom always gets my dad cologne for any occasion. Acqua di Gio by Armani is my favorite. It smells amazing on any guy – or girl even! I use it all of the time and it smells just as awesome!

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Michelle Rose
Watches are never a good gift if your superstitious like me! They show that you are counting down when your relationship will end. Shoes aren't on here but they are similar. Shoes are symbolizing him walking out of your life. Or vise versa if he bought them for you!!
Hmmm... Love all the ideas but they seem pricey. And he never ever tells u what he wants! Talk about frustrating!
I did the photo for my husband and he honestly did not appreciate it at all, but since our divorce, every other man has!! P.S. I was completely covered
Argyle sweater? LOL ummm not for my BF.
i might do a cologne gift set... idk, what should i do!
Snarky Girl
Any less intense gift ideas?
Heather Jensen
Absolutely! The cologne is the greatest gift for a guy. :)
Nikki Lisi
Watch is perfect!
Crystal Skye
@Heather Jensen he likes video games mostly. But he has all the latest games. And as for scent I remember him telling me he likes Calvin Klein Eternity. Would cologne be a suitable gift for a year long relationship?
Heather Jensen
What is he into? Does he like a particular cologne or even a particular scent? :)
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