15 Unexpected Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Lover ...


15 Unexpected Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Lover ...
15 Unexpected Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Lover ...

Of course you love your significant other so it makes sense that you want to give him or her something totally unexpected this Valentine's Day. There are so many options out there and I know it's hard to come up with the perfect Valentine's Day gift on the spot. That's why you are going to love this totally fabulous list of unexpected Valentine's Day gifts for your lover! Each one gets rave reviews from people who have received it. The only trouble now is choosing which one to get for your love.

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State Silhouette Wooden Box Sign

picture frame, product design, rectangle, Use the little red heart sticker to mark the place you met, or where you make your home together… isn’t this a sweet, romantic idea?


Bose® SoundLink® Color Bluetooth® Speaker

product, multimedia, radio, technology, ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●, Listen to “your” playlist anytime, anywhere, in premium sound quality. This easy-to-use speaker offers a 30-foot range and a wall charger for convenience.


Kate Spade Gold Stripe Travel Mug

cup, mug, lid, product design, coffee cup sleeve, Delight your sweetie this Valentine’s Day with this 20-ounce travel mug with a straw. They’ll love it even more, of course, if it’s preloaded with coffee, tea, or cocoa… or a gift card for the same.


Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

product, wheel, camera lens, font, arm, I like the idea of giving a Fitbit as a Valentine’s Day gift because you could add a few fitness challenges in a little home-made book to go along with it, then “compete” with each other to do them. Wouldn’t that be fun?


Lulu Dk Love Code Charm Necklace

pendant, jewellery, necklace, fashion accessory, locket, This might just look like an average ultra-modern necklace, but take a closer look, and you’ll see it’s a declaration of affection: love.


Jack Black Core Collection Set

product, brand, drink, Beard, Lube, This three-piece set has everything your man will need to cleanse, condition, and hydrate his face: a gentle cleanser, a conditioning shave, and a facial moisturizer. How very thoughtful!


ILLUME® Scented Candle Jar

candle, lighting, Set the mood with this gorgeous, lush-smelling candle. If coconut/mango isn’t your thing, there are two other scents to create just the right ambience.


Charbonnet Et Walker Assorted Chocolates

heart, coin purse, I know it’s a cliche, chocolates, in a heart-shaped box, no less. But these chocolates are truly special, worthy of gift-giving on the most romantic day of the year.


Sara Happ® the Lip Scrub™ Sprinkles Red Velvet Lip Exfoliator

product, skin, cream, lighting, cream, This red velvet lip scrub is truly the gift that keeps giving. I mean, I can’t think of a better gift than softer, sweeter kisses, can you?


Vitamin Sea Pillow

text, font, textile, pillow, throw pillow, If you’re ever grouchy and ill-tempered, I know exactly what’s wrong: you’re obviously suffering from a lack of vitamin sea. Wouldn’t this be a sweet gift for a long-distance lover?


Jack Mason Nautical Chronograph

watch, watch strap, watch accessory, hand, strap, It’s a shame most people have stopped wearing watches now that they carry iPhones in their pockets, because watches are such wonderful accessories. Take this one, for example.


Kate Spade Shine on Mismatched Drop Earrings

jewellery, pink, earrings, fashion accessory, gemstone, Bling is the traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but these on-purpose mismatched earrings take the tradition to an interesting twist. I love the bold colors, and of course, the entire concept.


Bose® SoundSport® in-Ear Bluetooth® Headphones

headset, technology, audio equipment, body jewelry, electronic device, If your Valentine is into sports, then these earbuds would be a stellar gift. They offer concert-quality sound on the go, and they’re so well-made, the tiny buds won’t fall out while you’re running.


Coffee for Two Mug Set

mug, cup, tableware, product, drinkware, How sweet is this set of mugs, one for each of you? Each holds a generous 15 ounces of a steaming hot beverage, and hint: they’d also make a darling wedding or engagement gift.


Kate Spade Scattered Hearts IPhone 7 Case

red, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone case, heart, telephony, This phone case is an ideal gift for a girl addicted to her apps. Every time she looks at her phone, and this swoon-worthy case, she’ll think of you, and she might even drop you a text.


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I think that this is really good

My boyfriend and I have a favourite quote by Kurt Vonnegut tattooed in the same spot but it is written in each others hand writing. It has become my most loved tattoo! Best. Gift. Ever!

I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you on that getting your husbands name tattooed on you means big trouble. We have each others name and have been happily married for years.

@Heather Jensen we both have "so it goes" from Slaughter House Five.

I'm getting my boyfriend a John Smoltz Braves throwback jersey. He is going to flip!!!

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