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Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend and Everyone else in Your Life ...

By Laura

It's always fun to give the people in your life a nickname, whether it's a cute nickname for your boyfriend or a cute nickname for your parents. Everyone in my family has nicknames; we call my dad Clark because he's just like Clark Griswold, my mom is Debra which is her name but she hates it, and the list goes on.

Nicknames are a fun way to show you love someone. They can be cute, funny, sassy, whatever the mood strikes you. Just make sure who you're giving the cute nickname to is receptive; you wouldn't want to call someone something they don't approve of.

Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend
😍 Romeo
😍 Cuddly
😍 Sugar Bear
😍 Papito
😍 Snickers
😍 Gizmo
😍 Darling
😍 Babe-generic and cliche but definitely a keeper! It's so fitting for the special guy in your life.
😍 Love
😍 Sweetie
😍 Sweetie Pie
😍 Pumpkin
😍 Sexy
😍 Stud
😍 Muffin
😍 Lover
😍 Cutie
😍 Good Looking
😍 Hunk
😍 Sugar Lips-Call him this in front of his friends and watch him blush. haha
😍 Prince Charming
😍 Gentleman
😍 Honey
😍 Bae

Cute Nicknames for Your Sister
😍 Dear-This is fitting for sisters and anyone else you want to express a term of endearment for.
😍 Sis
😍 Moody
😍 Panda
😍 Peach
😍 Tootsie
😍 Diva-This could be used as a joke to your overly dramatic sister, or could be used to express her awesome qualities.
😍 Princess
😍 Angel
😍 Snowflake
😍 Smiley
😍 Seester-I use this one all the time.
😍 Evil Twin
😍 Buddy
😍 Bestie
😍 Sweetie
😍 Cupcake
😍 Sunshine
😍 Partner in Crime

Cute Nicknames for Short People
😍 Half pint-This one is adorbs.
😍 Half sized
😍 Buttons
😍 Mighty mouse-I call my daughter this because she's strong but little. I think it's adorable.
😍 Penny
😍 Wee
😍 Cutie
😍 Mini me
😍 Scrappy
😍 Scrappy Do-The short person in your life could be the scrappy to your scooby.
😍 Tinks
😍 Lil' Bits
😍 Fairy
😍 Midge

Cute Nicknames for Your Best Friend
😍 Boo
😍 Bestie
😍 Babe
😍 Bae
😍 B
😍 Chica
😍 Amiga
😍 Cookie
😍 Chickie-My friends get a kick out of me texting saying "hey chickie" in texts and aren't even phased by it anymore.
😍 Daisy
😍 Doll
😍 Dearie-Once Upon a Time? This nickname is just great! It's sweet but not romantic which is perfect for your best friend.
😍 Foxy
😍 Gem
😍 Kitty
😍 Juju
😍 Lala
😍 Luv
😍 Mama
😍 Missy
😍 Peach
😍 Precious
😍 Tinks-This nickname is adorbs! Especially if your friend is short.

Cute Nicknames for Your Squad
😍 Bae Goals
😍 Taco Belles
😍 Fineapples-Saw this and it made me giggle; if I had a squad I'd want us to be this but I just have my mom squad haha!
😍 Brunchers
😍 Peachy Queens
😍 Latte Loves
😍 Cowbelles
😍 Ladybugs
😍 Lil' Rascals
😍 Muskateers
😍 Beast Mode
😍 BFFs
😍 Chick Clique
😍 The Pack
😍 The Beaches
😍 Damn-Delions-This is another that is humorous and just fun to say. :)

Cute Nicknames for Your Mom
😍 Madre
😍 Mama
😍 Mamacita
😍 MeyMey
😍 Big Mama
😍 Mother Hen
😍 Mommy
😍 Mooma
😍 Mommykins-I call my older sister this when she tries to mother me, it's kind of our code for she's being overbearing but in the nicest way possible.
😍 Mumsy
😍 MomO
😍 Momager
😍 Momster-This was my mom's name in my phone for the longest cause she drove me nuts every time she called; now she's save as mommy because she's my best friend.
😍 The Law

Cute Nicknames for Your Dad
😍 Pops-An oldie but it'll never go out of style.
😍 Papa
😍 Papi
😍 DaddyO
😍 Daddy
😍 Dadster
😍 Big Daddy
😍 Big Papa
😍 Grill Master-My dad truly is the grill master so this nickname is fitting.
😍 Old Man
😍 Mate
😍 Tall Man
😍 Smartie Pants
😍 Mufasa
😍 Hercules
😍 Zeus
😍 The Master
😍 Daddykins
😍 Dude

Cute Nicknames for Your Girlfriend
😍 Cookie
😍 Babe-Classic. Simple. And so sweet to hear.
😍 Sexy
😍 Sweetie
😍 Dumpling
😍 Sugar Plum
😍 Honey Bee
😍 Cinnamon
😍 Baby Cakes
😍 Cutie
😍 Bae
😍 Bunbun
😍 Boo Bear
😍 Snuggly
😍 Nibbles
😍 Chipmunk
😍 Lover Girl
😍 Princess-Girlfriend a diva? Call her this to make your point while still staying sweet and kind about it.
😍 Bug
😍 Passion Fruit

Cute Nicknames for Your Brother
😍 Amigo
😍 Bart
😍 Biggie
😍 Shortcake
😍 Beefcake
😍 Bro
😍 Big Guy
😍 Booger
😍 Broski-If I had a brother I'd definitely be calling him broski!
😍 Buddah
😍 Brudder
😍 Bud
😍 Buster
😍 Fam
😍 Junior
😍 Kid
😍 Knuckles
😍 Mr. Man
😍 Small Fry-The perfect nickname for that pesty little bro you love.
😍 BamBam
😍 Dimples
😍 Twinkie
😍 Wookie

Cute Nicknames for Your Grandma
😍 Nona
😍 Granny
😍 G Mama
😍 Nannie-This is what I call my grandma and what my kids call my mom. It's kind of stuck with out family. My mom was a young grandma so calling her granny just didn't seem right.
😍 Gran
😍 Gram
😍 Grammy
😍 Yaya
😍 Gemma
😍 Oma
😍 Meemaw-Lots of southerners use this one!
😍 Mammaw
😍 Mimi
😍 Nana
😍 Nan
😍 Oma

Cute Nicknames for Your Grandpa
😍 Pops
😍 Papa
😍 Gramps
😍 Opa-If you're German, this is typically the nickname most of them use for their grandpas.
😍 Pawpaw
😍 Grandpappy
😍 Pappy
😍 Granddad
😍 Grampy
😍 Baba
😍 Poppy
😍 Pop Pop-My father in law goes by this with most of the grandkids. It's easy for them to learn and fitting with his fun and spunky personality.
😍 Pa
😍 Popo

There you have it! There's a bunch of fun and cute nicknames for everyone in your life. Which one is your fave on the list?

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