20 Adorable Names to Call Your Boyfriend Other than His Name ...


20 Adorable Names to Call Your Boyfriend Other than His Name ...
20 Adorable Names to Call Your Boyfriend Other than His Name ...

Looking for some adorable names for your boyfriend? Some girls are crazy over pet names - it’s a nice way to compliment your man as well as show affection (without having to do a PDA). Here’s a list of 20 adorable names for your boyfriend that will make him feel loved.

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Something Cute

Baby or Babe
Something short and very cute. A little overused, but still one of the most adorable names for your boyfriend.


Something Hot and Sexy

Hot-Stuff or Tiger
Do you find him sexy? Call him this and I swear it’s a major turn on!


Something Sweet and Cheesy

Sweetie-Pie or Sweetheart
If he’s a cuddler then I bet this is perfect for him. A gentleman and a complete sweetheart!


Something Romantic

Love or Honey
If you can see hearts and butterflies everywhere when you’re with him, this name is perfect.


Something Masculine

Big Guy or Captain
Is he the type of guy who likes to be in control? Then you’ve found the right nickname for Mr. Macho man!


Something Yummy

Apple or Jelly
Yummy nicknames for your eye-candy man!


Something Childish

Teddy Bear or Kiddo
Do you feel like kids in love? Then maybe this is the right one for you. Can’t deny it’s sweetness!


Something Crazy

Pickle or Monkey
Something funny and adorbs!


Something Disney-like

Prince Charming or King
You like Disney? Do you believe in happy ever after? Then this is the right one for Mr. Right!


Something Warm

Darling or Hun
Does he make you feel warm and loved? This is the right one for him! Make him fall more in love with you!

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