19 Genuinely Sweet Ways to Apologize ...


There are two types of apologies: those where you feel you have to say sorry to diffuse a situation or just move past something, even if you aren’t sorry, and those where you feel genuine regret and want to make a heartfelt apology. In a relationship it should always be the latter. If there is no regret, don’t say sorry. Deal with the situation, compromise, but don’t say sorry if you’re not. And when you are sorry, say it with conviction.

1. Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet

Sometimes the best way to go about it is to be short, sweet, and down to the point. A simple “I’m so sorry, I was wrong” is sometimes all you need.

Acknowledge Your Faults


Just shows you don't always have to make a grand gesture.
Very nice. I would deffo do some of these. I sometimes struggle with getting the words right so a gesture would be easier and I think I could make it feel more genuine than mumbling "I'm sorry"
Love This ! ❤️
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