8 Date Night Ideas That Won't Break the Bank ...


A lot of you are probably interested in cheap date ideas. Date nights sometimes can be pushed aside due to many things: money, children, careers, zombies... the list goes on! However, today I'm hoping to help with finding some affordable date ideas that won't have you giving up your first born but that are still super fun. Below are my top 8 cheap date ideas that are not only fun, but they are for everyone!

1. Carnival or Local Amusement Park

Almost all of us have local carnivals or amusement parks that are running all year round. Check into the cost of visiting one evening, as most give a discounted rate for the last 2 or 3 hours before closing. Hit the rides, savor some deep fried food, take some silly candid shots (so you can be reminded of the fun time for days to come) and end the evenings with a romantic Ferris wheel ride. This is just one of the top cheap date ideas that is so much fun!

Dessert Date


Heather Jensen
Hi Alexa! Sometimes that happens, I'd see if you can be friends with him first! :)
@Alexa, no worries - if he is texting you are good. Awkwardness just because it's 8 grade;) So this is good sign ;)
Romy Svoboda
these are great ideas! ;D
Alexa Duran
PLS HELP IM IN 8 grade and I like this boy. Not sure if he likes me back. We used to talk so much last year. Now we text and them its awkward at school the next day.
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