13 Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas That Are Pretty and Festive ...


13 Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas That Are Pretty and Festive ...
13 Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas That Are Pretty and Festive ...

Beef up the romance factor this February 14th with some sweet, yet easy to execute Valentine’s Day decoration ideas. These ideas won’t break your budget and they won’t take a lot of time, but what they will do is add a bit of romance to your home to put you and your sweetie in the mood for love. Try one or all of these Valentine’s Day decoration ideas and send out some sweet romantic vibes.

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A String of Hearts

Many Valentine’s Day decoration ideas are simple to create, and this one is no exception. You can easily add a romantic flare to any room with a simple string of hearts. Either purchase any already assembled garland of hearts from your local party supply or craft store or create one yourself by cutting out hearts from construction paper and stringing them together with ribbon. Drape the hearts anywhere you think is appropriate: in the bedroom, drape them along your headboard; in the living room, drape them across the mantel or in the dining room, string them through your chandelier.


Raining Hearts

Make it rain hearts in your house with this simple decoration idea. Cut varying lengths of ribbon and string one piece through a hole in a paper doily heart. Tie a knot in the end of the ribbon to hold it in place and tie the other end around any fixture you think is appropriate – a window valance, around a ceiling light fixture…you get the idea. Hang a few of these hearts from the location you’ve chosen to create a raining hearts effect.


Valentine's Wall Art

Take down some of the art you already have up and replace those pieces with something festive for Valentine's Day. There are loads of ideas so the sky is the limit. Try string art, painting or Sharpie art. Have fun!


Candy Heart Centerpiece

Who doesn’t love those little conversation candy hearts that are everywhere during the Valentine’s Day season? Well, instead of eating these candy hearts, use them to create a festive centerpiece. Simply fill a clear glass vase with the hearts and set it in the middle of your table. You can add an extra touch of romance by placing a few tea lights around the base of the vase or sticking in a few flowers. If your sweet tooth starts to get an itch, you can always grab a few of the hearts from the centerpiece – but don’t eat too many; you want the centerpiece to retain its sweet effect.


Say It with Candles

Candlelight instantly adds a romantic tone to any room, and with this idea, you will be able to add even more romance to the candles. Arrange tea lights so that they spell out the word love in any location you think is appropriate – on top of your table, on the floor, on a countertop – and light the candles just before your sweetie enters the room. Make some easy candle holders to enhance the effect.


Window Hearts

This is such a super simple Valentine’s Day decoration idea and one that will add a lovely touch to your décor. With those crayons that are designed to be used on windows – you know, the ones that are in the kid's craft section of your store – draw different sized hearts in red, pink, white and purple.


Kids Art

Do you have creative kids? Why not hang some of their Valentine's Day art around the house? Whatever they can dream up will look great hung up. Tape the artwork to doors or string it up to create fun banners for the windows and doorways throughout your home. The kids will be proud and your house will be the best decorated one on the block, even if you are sharing it with little ones instead of having a candlelit dinner for two at a fancy restaurant.


Craft Letters

You can buy large cardboard or foam letters at most craft stores. Then you can decorate them with stickers, scrapbook paper or paint. Spell out "love" or "sweetheart" and prop your letters on the table or a nearby shelf to declare your sentiments to your significant other.


Flower Petals

What could be more romantic than rose petals or other flower petals? Nothing, right? When the big day comes, scatter them on the floor, the table and anywhere else that suits you. The scent will be heavenly and you'll set the mood just right for a night of romance.


Paper Hearts

By simply spending some time cutting out paper hearts from colored paper, you have the means to decorate anything for Valentine's Day. You can tie them to ribbons and hook them on doorknobs or chair backs. You can use them to decorate tables or cut out large ones for placemats you can use for your romantic dinner for two. Paper hearts can also be taped to the wall, the windows and the doors for a heart-shaped fest all day long.



What could be better than edible decorations? They do say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So cook up a love-themed feast to share this year. Heart shaped cookies or pancakes are a wonderful choice. But with a set of knives, you can turn anything into a heart, including a thick steak or even a simple sandwich. Neither of you will be sorry.

With these simple, yet certainly effective Valentine’s Day decoration ideas, you will surely send the message of love. What ways are you planning on decorating for Valentine’s Day this year?

This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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