7 Anniversary Ideas ...


7 Anniversary Ideas ...
7 Anniversary Ideas ...

Whether you are dating someone or you are married, if your anniversary is approaching, you are likely looking for some anniversary ideas to mark the occasion. Celebrating your anniversary showcases the importance of your relationship and lets your significant other know just how much he means to you. No matter what your interests are or what your budget is, here are some fantastic anniversary ideas that you can use to celebrate this special day.

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Relive Your First Date

It doesn’t matter if you are dating or if you are married, your relationship likely started with a first date. One of the sweetest and most sentimental anniversary ideas that I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying was the reliving our first date. You can do the same thing for your significant other. Try to redo everything, down to what you ordered at the restaurant. You will both enjoy taking the walk down memory lane.


Have a Picnic

There is nothing sweeter than a picnic, and it is a romantic and inexpensive idea for an anniversary celebration. Pack a basket filled with some of your other half’s favorite foods, perhaps a bottle of wine. Spread out a blanket, light some candles and enjoy feeding each other. Whether you are in a park or in your living room, this is a super sweet anniversary idea.


Go for a Couple’s Massage

De-stress together on your anniversary with a couple’s massage. There is nothing more relaxing than a massage, and having one with your other half at the same time is really, well, romantic. You will both feel connected, in a strange way, as you are being massaged, and then end result will be blissful relaxation, which you both can appreciate.


Plan a Getaway

Sometimes, the stresses of day-to-day life can really get in the way of spending time together. For your anniversary, have a little getaway, just the two of you. You can travel some place far, stay in a hotel someplace near or have a staycation at home. Whatever getaway you plan, the idea should be to spend some quality time alone together.


Serve Breakfast in Bed

Start your anniversary celebration off right by serving your significant other breakfast in bed. Make a tray filled with his or her favorite breakfast foods, perhaps a mimosa and some flowers. Share the meal together in bed and then spend the rest of the day doing one of these other romantic anniversary ideas mentioned in this post.


Go Dancing

If you and your partner enjoy dancing, how about dancing away the night of your anniversary? You can take him or her to a dance club and enjoy an evening filled with dance moves, dinner and drinks. There is no denying that there is something so sensual about dancing, which makes this the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary, if you do, indeed enjoy dancing together.


Prepare a Meal Together

For those of you who like to cook, you can have a romantic evening on your anniversary by preparing a meal together. Choose a meal that you both love, get all the ingredients in and present your loved one with a brand new apron. Play some romantic music, drink some wine and work side-by-side in the kitchen. When the meal is ready, serve it to each other at a table filled with candles and flowers. Talk about some romance.

Do you have an anniversary coming up? How are you planning on celebrating?

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Could u suggest more ideas for a long distance relationship? Btw the idea of putting yur things in a box n gifting it to yur partner is a great one... But could you suggest more ideas for ldr?

What is a good anniversary idea for a long distance relationship?

My anniversary is coming up and my boyfriend and I are planning on heading down to Monterey for a couple I days!

Cool !!!

Thank you so much heather! :)

My boyfriend and I are spending the entire day together doing stuff we both enjoy. Taking turns choosing our events.(:

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