7 Dating Sins to Stop Committing Right Now ...


Ever wondered why some relationships end at very short notice, and what dating sins might have been committed to make it end so suddenly? Well, being in a relationship is not easy. Love takes time and effort in order to be referred to as what we call "perfect." While there is nothing more beautiful than two people who are dating, things can get pretty ugly when we do things that are unflattering. Committing one dating sin may have your partner thinking about whether or not to end the relationship, which may leave your precious heart in despair. While it may be obvious or not what these sins are, here are 7 dating sins to stop committing right now.

1. Not Saying What You Mean

Ladies, men are not psychic. They can't read minds and figure out what you are thinking or feeling. Don't say you're feeling great, when in reality you're feeling down. That will just have him puzzled about your situation and he'll become annoyed that he always has to guess what you mean. That telling of half-truths and forced guesswork is one of the major dating sins to avoid.

Being Clingy


Stephanie Gilles
@kissmebbylove, thank you :)
great, great advice. will totally use it. 👍
#7 is so me ... I became really cool with my ex after our breakup and my family was still in contact with my ex as well.. My bf at the time HATED it he literally told me him or me not even knowing I d...
I'm a girl and I'm dating a guy that's everything on this list smh
The girl I like needs to refer to sin 7! Lol
Very good article !! 👍👏
Anime Girl
The guy I like needs to read this!
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