7 Very Popular Myths about Relationships That Aren't True ...

There are a lot of popular myths about relationships that aren’t actually true! In the long term, they can really affect your happiness and even make you lose trust in your partner. Try not to let all those misconceptions about love and how a healthy and loving relationship should be affect the way you feel about your significant other. Every relationship is different because the two people involved are different. If you think that a relationship should be a certain way and yours isn’t like that, frustration can set in and it may prevent you from noticing how wonderful your partner actually is. Here are a few very common myths about relationships that need to be busted, because they are not even remotely true and can create unrealistic expectations:

1. A Healthy Relationship Doesn’t Require Any Work

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This is one of the most common myths about relationships that aren’t actually true. Every relationship requires a lot of work from both partners, since a relationship is just like a plant. You need to water it, give it enough sunlight and care for it if you want it to blossom. Have patience and be prepared to put some effort into your relationship, if you want it to flourish.

2. Jealousy is a Sign of Love

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This statement couldn’t be more false! Jealousy is not a sign of love; it actually reflects how confident you are with yourself and your relationship. Try to strengthen that special bond you two share and solve any issues that may affect your intimacy. Making your partner jealous is never a good idea, since your strategy can backfire and your behavior may really affect the stability of your relationship.

3. Couples Counseling Does Not Work

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If you go to couples therapy, it does not mean that you will not be able to solve your problems. Even though most couples seek therapy when they are on the verge of a split up, that doesn’t mean that it won’t help you solve your problems and re-discover how wonderful your partner is, and that you are actually the perfect match for each other. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, since this may help improve your relationship and strengthen your bond!

4. Fights Can Ruin Your Relationship

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Fights don’t have to necessarily ruin your relationship! You can always learn how to fight in a friendlier and more productive way, so you’ll be able to clarify certain things and work on improving certain aspects of your relationship. They can be an important form of communication, so they shouldn’t always damage your relationship.

5. Having a Child Will Strengthen Your Relationship

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If your relationship is not doing so good and you have a lot of problems you should solve, having a child will not strengthen your bond. On the contrary, it can even make things worse. Solve your issues first and have a baby only if you both decide that you are prepared for such a responsibility and you both want this. Have realistic expectations and don’t have a baby just because you couldn’t find a better way to solve your problems!

6. You Should Not Experience Any Doubt in Your Relationship

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Just because you sometimes experience doubt in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that you are with the wrong person. We can’t be 100 percent sure of anything, and doubt can sometimes be healthy, especially when you have to make an important decision. It’s only natural to wonder if you want to spend the rest of your life with the person you’re with; it’s actually a sign of intelligence and thoughtfulness.

7. If You Don’t Feel Butterflies, then You Must Not Really Love Your Partner

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Everyone feels butterflies in the beginning of their relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you have to feel this way all the time. Love changes, it evolves, it transforms into something more meaningful, a special bond that is characterized by respect, trust, friendship and shared visions and values.

There are a lot of myths about relationships that are completely false, but which are very present in people’s minds. Have you heard about any of these myths? Do you believe these statements? Do you know any other popular myths about relationships that aren’t true? Please tell us about them in the comments section!

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