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When you’re engaged, you may not think about the many ways a marriage changes you. The truth is, it’s definitely worth a thought or two. Marriage changes a person inevitably, as it has a big effect on your life, your spouse and also on your family and friends, who are no longer dealing with the single girl. These are some interesting ways a marriage changes you.

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It Changes Your Priorities

You’ll find that one of the ways a marriage changes you is in the way you you set your priorities. You may have moved into a bigger house, so maintaining your careers and paying the bills is crucial to build a future together. Your happiness together becomes the top priority and you’ll do everything to achieve that. Your priorities may no longer be to hang out with your girlfriends two times per week or even to speak to them every single day.


You Learn How to Compromise

Your single woman’s life is over and pretty much every decision you make affects your spouse. This means you’ll have to give in a little sometimes, which can be especially difficult for those who have spent years living by themselves. When you’re married, both people are taking care of two instead of one. Compromising is one of the most important things to maintain a healthy balance in the relationship.



Even if you said you didn’t want to have children before, a marriage might change your mind. You’ll have the talk about children with your spouse at some point, where you consider the pros and cons. Additionally, you might look at your spouse differently after you’re married. He might take more responsibility and he may be more mature. The same could be for you.


You Feel Beautiful, Always

There is just something comfortable about knowing that one person in this world thinks you’re superhot. He may have told you every day when you were dating or engaged, but after marriage you really become your confident self. It doesn’t matter what other guys think of you; you are a beautiful woman, you are someone’s wife and your hubby feels fortunate to wake up next to you every single morning.


Your Friendships Change

Sure, you’ll always have your girlfriends, but friendships do change after you’re married. This is especially the case for those who have single friends. You and your friends now have different priorities and you’ll find that you relate to them differently. It goes the other way around as well, as they will notice that you’re a different woman. These changes don’t have to be a bad thing, as long as both parties accept that things have changed.


Your Sex Life

Your sex life can go two ways after marriage, depending on the relationship. Some have said their sex life has gone downhill, while others are more attracted to each other after getting married. I think there’s something sexy about knowing he’s your husband and you’re his wife, and it should be easier to maintain your sex life after marriage. After all, you live together and you’ll likely want to spend more time together.


Your Money

Those days of spending all your money on handbags and shoes are over. Well, a little bit. After you get married, you’ll find that it’s smart to talk over big purchases before you actually make them. Additionally, you’ll have to come up with a financial plan that will pay all the bills, support the two of you in the future and that will leave enough for other things like date nights and vacations.

Getting married is a big change in life and while you’re planning your wedding, you might as well think over these changes and how you will deal with them. Above all, marriage is a blissful thing that will bring you and your spouse closer together. What do you think changed for you and will change for you after marriage?

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most of these are true. not sure about the sex life thing... it might be great for people who are married.

Only new on this how does it work?

I am married and happily married , I wouldn't want it any other way

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