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7 Dating Sins to Stop Committing Right Now ...

By Stephanie

Ever wondered why some relationships end at very short notice, and what dating sins might have been committed to make it end so suddenly? Well, being in a relationship is not easy. Love takes time and effort in order to be referred to as what we call "perfect." While there is nothing more beautiful than two people who are dating, things can get pretty ugly when we do things that are unflattering. Committing one dating sin may have your partner thinking about whether or not to end the relationship, which may leave your precious heart in despair. While it may be obvious or not what these sins are, here are 7 dating sins to stop committing right now.

1 Not Saying What You Mean

Ladies, men are not psychic. They can't read minds and figure out what you are thinking or feeling. Don't say you're feeling great, when in reality you're feeling down. That will just have him puzzled about your situation and he'll become annoyed that he always has to guess what you mean. That telling of half-truths and forced guesswork is one of the major dating sins to avoid.

2 Being Clingy

Okay. This is a no-no. I mean sure it's great to want to be around your partner. I get it; you have to spend time with him. But you also want him to miss you at times. Giving your partner his space is totally acceptable. You don't want to partner to believe or feel like you have to be around him 24/7 to be complete.


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3 Being a Drama Queen

On a serious note, If you are a drama queen that needs to stop right now. You don't want to be a lady that blows everything out of proportion, especially if it's not that serious. Being a drama queen will have you and your partner in a constant battle which you want to avoid. This can cause embarrassment for your partner because he views you as such a handful that he just can't deal with. You want to be mellow about situations and not lash out about every little thing.

4 Asking for Way Too Much

You don't want to come off as needy, although I do believe it's okay to ask for what you need from your partner. Besides, he might have his own way of giving you the romance or commitment you need, so asking for too much? That is a dating sin you definitely don't want to commit, my dear, because it will have your partner thinking you are way more into him than he is into you, causing him to disappear ... poof.

5 Being Bossy

You don't want your partner to view you as a dictator. You want to give your partner a supportive vibe. Being bossy will have your partner feel like he is walking on eggshells around you.

6 Being Selfish

Being selfish is so uncool. You want to make sure you are not only thinking about yourself but your partner as well. This is a dating sin that is very unattractive because it will have your partner feeling left out, because he doesn't seem important or worthy to you. You don't want to only care about your needs and emotions, but his too. Go out of your way to make him feel needed and appreciated.

7 Talking to Your Ex Constantly

After a breakup, your ex may become your best friend or your worst enemy. If you and your ex are friends, don't spend more time with him than you do with your new beau. Talking to your ex all the time is the last dating sin you may not want to commit because your partner may be assuming you're still into your ex, even if you're not.

Now that you've read my post about 7 dating sins to stop committing right now, I hope you ladies enjoyed my post and will take possibly take these points in consideration. While certain dating sins are probably not intentional, it's good to try and control them, or get rid of them to have a somewhat successful relationships. What other dating sins do you know of, that we need to avoid?

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