Dating Struggles That Awkward Women Have to Deal with ...


You shouldn't feel bad about being awkward, because most of us are. Even though it's normal to feel like you're the odd one out, it doesn't change the fact that it can make dating feel like a struggle.

After all, whenever a guy likes you, you won't have a clue, because you assume that no one could ever like you. That's just one of the many struggles of being an awkward girl.

If you want to hear about the rest of them, you should check out the video down below from Seventeen:

Have you ever dealt with any of these struggles?

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A guy asked me to homecoming and I pretty much didn't talk to him the whole night 😳😭

Agreed! Love short 7 point written articles; the videos and 74 point articles are too much.

I hate when you post videos.

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