The Single Girl's Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day ...


The Single Girl's Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day ...
The Single Girl's Guide to Surviving Valentine's Day ...

Valentine's Day shouldn't be a holiday that you dread. Even if you're single, you can still have a great time. Here are a few things that you should do on Valentine's Day in order to get through it in one piece:

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Spend It with Your Friends

Spend It with Your Friends Romantic love isn't the only type of love out there. You love your family and friends, too, don't you? That's why you should spend the holiday with them.


Flirt with Your Crush

red, stage, music, singing, musical theatre, If you're interested in any single men, then you should spend the holiday flirting. It's the perfect day to turn your crush into your boyfriend.


Buy Candy for Yourself

Buy Candy for Yourself There's plenty of delicious candy for you to buy around Valentine's Day. You don't need to wait for a man to buy it for you. You can buy it for yourself and spend the holiday munching on your favorite snacks.


Remember It’s Just Another Day

Remember It’s Just Another Day Don't be upset about your single status. Valentine's Day is just like any other day. It shouldn't upset you.


Watch the Walking Dead

Watch the Walking Dead Luckily, The Walking Dead comes back on Valentine's Day. So if you don't have a date to look forward to, at least you can look forward to watching Daryl.


Buy a Gift for Your Pet

dog, mammal, vertebrate, dog breed, golden retriever, If your friends and family members have dates to go on, then you can spend the holiday with your pet. Buy them a new toy and see how happy you make them!


Sign up for a Dating Site

Sign up for a Dating Site Valentine's Day is the perfect time to join a dating site. You don't actually need to go out on any dates. Just chat with boys to feel better about your odds in the dating world.


Dress up

Dress up Even if you're single, you should still dress your best on Valentine's Day. Post a photo of yourself to Instagram, so everyone can see what they're missing out on.


Drink Alcohol

Drink Alcohol If you're old enough and mature enough to drink, you can spend the holiday with some alcohol. Go out to a bar and see if you can find a hot guy to buy you a drink.


Give out Valentine’s Day Cards

Give out Valentine’s Day Cards Spread the love. Send all of your single friends cards to show them that they're loved.


Throw a Party

Throw a Party If you have a bunch of single friends, throw a party for them. Then you won't be thinking about all of the boys that have let you down in the past.


Stay Away from Restaurants

Stay Away from Restaurants You should try to stay inside on Valentine's Day, especially if you're upset over your single status. Restaurants are going to be filled with happy couples, and you don't need to watch them.


Stay Away from Social Media

Stay Away from Social Media You should probably stay away from social media on Valentine's Day, as well, unless you want to be flooded with pictures of couples hugging and kissing.


Don’t Act Bitter about It

Don’t Act Bitter about It If you post angry statuses about how much you hate the holiday, people are going to judge you. Keep your opinions to yourself and let your friends in relationships enjoy the holiday.



Masturbate If you're not going to have sex with a guy, then you can at least have sex with yourself. Put on some sexy music and slip under the sheets to have some fun.


Make Yourself Dinner

Make Yourself Dinner You don't need a boyfriend in order to enjoy an elaborate meal. Make one for yourself. You deserve it!


Don’t Text Your Exes

person, NORT, The most important thing to remember on Valentine's Day is that you don't need a date in order to be happy. That means that you should avoid texting your exes, even if you feel lonely. You're better off alone than in an unhealthy relationship.

Try to have a happy holiday! What are you planning to do on Valentine's Day?

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Any single girl here

Who gives a damn about it !

Where is that Megan Fox gif from ?

It is seriously just another day.


I'm having a Valentine's party for the kids!!! My son's birthday weekend spectacular!!! His actually birthday is on the 11th and his 2nd party will be on the 14th!!! For my love💚💚💚

And mom's birthday is on the 5th and superbowl party too. We will be partying all month long and my husband's birthday the following month!!! We party hard!!!

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