Does Fear 😰 Kill 💔 a Relationship 💏?

Does fear kill a relationship? Whether we like it or not, each and every one of us has confessed to some sort of fear involved with committing to a relationship. We might have kicked ourselves a time or two for letting that fear get the best of us. The truth of the matter is though, we don't have fear for no reason. What we do need to realize though, is that it doesn't all have to be portrayed as a negative. So, does fear kill a relationship?

Relationships are scary, they are a change no matter how big or small the change may be. If you can get past that though, its the most incredible fear to have. Say you're dating this guy and he's turned out to be the light of your life. You start spending more and more time with him and less with the others that you revolved around before this guy became important. That's a change. Instead of sleeping alone every night to the late night show you always have on before bed, you start sleeping over at his place and falling asleep to sports. That's a change. Soon enough you plan to move in together and possibly even move to a different state to start your lives and careers. That's a huge change. Terrifying? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

You are spending all this time with the one you love because it makes you happy. You want to be with them. Since when is that a bad thing? You sleep next to him every night because sleeping alone now seems miserable without having him next to you. Since when is that a bad thing? You've been together long enough to want to move on to the next step and start a real life as a couple. Your parents and his parents all had to do that or else you wouldn't be here to experience love and adulthood. Since when is that a bad thing?

Its not a bad thing! It's scary and will make you re-think every normal thing you know but normal things only become normal from habit. Normal should be growing and discovering, and falling in love is a part of that. So next time you wonder if you're killing your relationship because of the fear of change, take a second and really think about if the change is actually bad. Spoiler alert: if it's the good kind of fear in a relationship, it won't be bad at all.