10 Things You Should Never ⛔️ Mistake for Love ❀️ ...


When you finally experience love, the feeling will be unmistakable. However, if you've never felt it before, then it's easy to assume that you're in love when you aren't. What you're feeling might actually be lust, comfort, or something entirely different. In order to save you from heartbreak, here are a few things that you shouldn't mistake for love:

1. Good Sex

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The feeling an orgasm gives you is intense, which is why some people might mistake amazing sex for love. Of course, those two things don't go hand-in-hand. You might have horrible sex with the love of your life and you might have mind-blowing sex with a complete stranger. Try going a few days without sleeping with your partner and see if you still feel the same about him or if your emotions are just physical.

A Typical Nice Guy Who Treats You Right


Oooook than I dont know what is love couse thats all stuff u enjoy when ur in lov with someone
Really good advice
Then what exactly it is? And how to find that this is the real one.. THE ONE? Apparently every guy will love at the start nd once they get want they want from u they ghost out. Nowadays love is diffic...
All of this is so true... People must read it.. It can clear your head up
Erin Robbins
So true all these rom-com movies n television shows make us think everything is love it's not just good sex and comfort :)
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