These 7 Things Aren't Actually Considered Cheating ...


These 7 Things Aren't Actually Considered Cheating ...
These 7 Things Aren't Actually Considered Cheating ...

If you sleep with someone else while you're in a relationship, you cheated. If you kiss someone else, you cheated. If you become emotionally involved with someone else, that's also a form of cheating. However, here are a few things that aren't actually considered cheating:

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Masturbating It's healthy to masturbate. If you're all alone and want to touch yourself, you shouldn't feel guilty about doing so. Masturbation can actually increase your immune system, get rid of cramps, and help you live longer. That's why you shouldn't hesitate to touch yourself when your man isn't around. After all, you can't cheat on your boyfriend with your own two hands.


Hanging out with Friends

Hanging out with Friends You're allowed to have male friends. As long as you don't say or do anything inappropriate with them, then your boyfriend shouldn't have a problem with your buddies. Of course, you shouldn't have a problem with his female friends, either. People can be friends without developing feelings for one another, you know.


Liking Someone's Picture
It's understandable to get upset when your boyfriend likes another girl's picture. However, it's not cheating, especially if the picture is just of her dog or of her making a goofy face at the camera. However, you still have a right to be upset, especially if the picture is a sexual one. Of course, instead of immediately breaking up with him, you should sit him down and have a chat about how you find his behavior to be inappropriate.


Texting Someone else

Texting Someone else You're allowed to have male friends, which means you're allowed to text them. That's why your boyfriend shouldn't get upset when he sees another man's name pop up on your phone. It doesn't mean that you're cheating on him. It just means that you're having a conversation with someone that happens to have a penis.


Watching Pornography

Watching Pornography You shouldn't get upset if you find out that your man has been watching adult videos. It doesn't mean that he loves you any less or that he doesn't find you attractive anymore. Besides, it's better for him to drool over some porn star that he's never going to meet than the girls that he actually knows. That means it's fine for you to watch porn and read erotic novels, as well!

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Hugging You shouldn't be kissing another man, but it's acceptable for you to hug him--as long as things don't go out of hand. There's a big difference between a friendly hug and a romantic hug that lingers. As long as you don't cross that line, there's nothing wrong with being affectionate with your male friends.


Dressing Nice

Dressing Nice There are some men who will yell at their girlfriends for wearing revealing clothes and makeup, because they think that they're trying to look good for other men. Of course, that's absolutely ridiculous. You're allowed to wear what you want. Your boyfriend shouldn't try to control your wardrobe. If he does, then pretty soon he'll try to control the people that you hang out with and the money that you spend. It's a dangerous road that you don't want to go down.

These things aren't actually considered cheating, so you shouldn't feel bad about doing them. Do you consider any of these things to be cheating?

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The porn ruins a lot of marriges not to mention it plays a big part in sex trafficing....but thats a whole other topic....but the way i see it is there should be no reason why u would have to go to a website to see naked woman when your already involved with someone....i dont think men would feel very proud/confident if they knew their girl was fingering themselves to other naked men ....a man ahould be able to get off without all that extra bullshit after all we all have an imagination for a reason....and a lot of you are gonna say that u have low self esteem if your not ok with your man watching porn....but to me its about respect....if i have to act in a certain way for my man i expect the same thing!...

Watching pornography. Regarding texting someone else, it depends with whom and why.

This article is weak lol sounds like casual dating to me. Nothing on a serious level. Plus people should be able to define what's normal for their relationship & not what society says is normal. I don't agree with this article, I think this article is setting the example for men/women to fall into temptation & cheat. Rather than prevent themselves from being in those situations anyways. Anywho that's just my opinion.

In more than one study, they found that one hundred percent of young men watch porn. They way I see it, if you don't allow your man to watch, you're forcing him to lie. This is just their nature: women like to fantasize, men like to watch.

Thx Katie....yeah its ridiculous how many men watch if theres a decent # of men who don't watch it regularly that means that they still watch it occasionally lol

Regarding number 7..... If your man thinks like that he is very insecure and has serious control issues. Time to move on!

If you could like comments, I'd like Cheyanne's a million times over.

Well said Soleil!

I dont agree qith this article....especially

Really ? :p

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