10 Times You Shouldn't Be 100 Honest with Your Man ...


10 Times  You Shouldn't Be 100 Honest with Your Man  ...
10 Times  You Shouldn't Be 100 Honest with Your Man  ...

The best relationships are built on honesty. In fact, it’s essential to have a successful relationship. But there’re some situations that complete honesty isn’t helpful with. Dishonesty isn’t the answer but leaving some things left unsaid is.

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When You Hate His Clothes

When You Hate His Clothes So you don’t love how your man dresses. Should you tell him? No, not unless he directly asks you what you think of his style. You can influence his style by telling him he looks great when he does wear something you think isn’t so bad. You can also give him clothing as gifts to help him see he has more options in fashion.


That You Still Think about Your Ex

That You Still Think about Your Ex It’s okay if you have some fond memories of a previous relationship. Maybe you split on friendly terms or you remember your time together as a special time in your life. No good is going to come of sharing this with your current man. Unless it’s impacting your current relationship such as you’re considering getting back with your ex, don’t bring it up. An occasional thought of an ex isn’t anything to worry over.


That You Don’t like His Family

That You Don’t like His Family It’s not the end of the world if you don’t love his mother. The main thing is that you don’t make that his problem. He can’t help who his family is anymore than you can help who your family is. Therefore, if you’re going to be together then you’re going to have to deal with them to some extent. You don’t have to be best friends but you do need to be polite.


That You Think His Friends Are Immature

That You Think His Friends Are Immature Guys are different. Remember he may not get what you do when you get together with the girls. He may see spending hours at the spa as something meaningless although it’s the very thing that refreshes you. As long as your guy is staying faithful to you when he’s hanging with his friends, keep quiet on your opinion of them. It’s important that you both have your own friendships even though you have each other.


What Goes in to Looking like Your Gorgeous Self

What Goes in to Looking like Your Gorgeous Self He doesn’t need to know you didn’t wake up like that! If he compliments you on how soft your skin is, don’t reveal what body scrub and lotion help with that. If he says you have amazingly long lashes, you don’t have to share that it takes a primer and a $25 mascara to get them that way. Just say thank you and smile! Save the secrets of your beauty routines until after you’re married.


That You’re Jealous of His Ex

That You’re Jealous of His Ex Unless there’s a reason to be upset with your man, keep mum on this. Accept this’s something you’re insecure about and need to work through. Attempting this conversation could easily lead to an argument which neither of you want. Instead, remind yourself how much your man is in love with you! The one exception is if your man is giving you a reason to be jealous such as keeping in close contact with his ex or hanging onto pictures of them together that make you uncomfortable.


That You’ve Had Better

That You’ve Had Better Girls! Never go there! Even if it’s true, telling your man this is just hurtful. Sex can always be improved upon. If you feel something is lacking in the bedroom then talk to him about that, not how badly his performance stacks up against others.


That Your Friends or Family Don't like Him

hair, red, blond, hairstyle, long hair, Just like you wouldn't be interested in knowing that his friends or family don't particularly like you, he too wouldn't like to hear that about the important people in your life. It goes without saying that knowing that kind of information makes social and/or important gatherings very awkward and not very fun!


Revenge You've Gotten on past Boyfriends

hair, human hair color, blond, person, long hair, If you or your best friend have had your heart broken in the past and you decided to 'show him', it's probably best that you don't tell your current of future boyfriend(s) about it. It may just make him run for the hills.


That You Get Hit on All the Time

sense, How, you, doin?, It's human nature to get jealous when we see someone hitting on our partner, so when your boyfriend hears that your coworker can't stop flirting with you, or that your ex is constantly trying to win you back, it probably won't sit very well with him at all!

These’re 10 things you don’t want to be 100% honest about. What would you add to this list? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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Dressing up part is true!!!

you are 200% correct!!!

Tell him if u don't like his clothes esp if you are walking down the streets with him and U look nice and he doesn't if he is into you then he wouldnt mind so far as you are not rude about it. Anyway in most cases girls would buy stuff for the boyfriend because lets face it some men dont care for clothes but trust me when they look good they know they look good. .

That his mum's a whore which is true tho. Easily seen on the way she dresses, the number of bfs she had and the way she acts around men. I did tell my husband in an heated arguement over her tho.. 😆

All 7 are excellent choices thanks

Perhaps telling him you don't like his clothes will offend him. We don't want them to tell us how to dress either. And perhaps the ex thing is a bit complicated too, but the rest? If you've had better, it means he doesn't know you as he should, for instance: he doesn't know what pleases you the most, and if you want it to work, you NEED to know each other. The same goes for jealousy: you should know how the other feels.

Point 5 abs true

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