Easy Conversation Starters for Women on a First Date ...

r If you are nervous about dating, have not been on many dates, you might be concerned that the night will be a bust because you will have nothing to talk about. There are tips to help however, you should remember that if you are in for a night of silent staring on your date, then why would you want to be with that person anyway?

As a woman, you have the choice. Some men are able to charm you and make you think they are in control, but the fact is that it is always the woman that has the power to say no. If he is boring, if there is no chemistry, if the pair of you struggle to make conversation, then consider the fact that maybe you two are not meant to be together. Try these conversation starters for a first date.

1. Ask Him about Himself

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If there were ever a perfect tip, this would be it - simply ask him about himself. The reasons for this are threefold.

1 - Usually, men are told to ask women about themselves, and it turns the tables dramatically if a woman asks questions about a man.

2 - Most women will lead by talking about themselves, sometimes talking about themselves too much; you differentiate yourself from those women if you ask questions about him.

3 - It makes it appear as if you are interviewing him, and that sends a very strong message. It subtly says, β€œI am checking to see if you are a good enough for me before I accept or reject you.”

2. Answer Your Own Questions

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Usually, the man will ask questions back and the conversation will flow freely. However, if the man is not used to dating and doesn’t have much β€œGame,” then answer your own questions. Once he has answered your question, go ahead and assume he asked it you back.

3. Smile and Laugh

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This seems like awful advice, but the fact is that he will (and should) do most of the chasing. Conversation should flow freely, but primarily it is up to him to put in the most effort. However, he will give up and go quiet if he thinks you do not like him or are not having a good time.

Try to smile rather often if you actually like the guy, and give some of his jokes and comments the benefit of the doubt and laugh once in a while. He only needs a little encouragement. Don’t sit there with a face like thunder and then wonder why he never called.

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