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7 Emotionally Abusive Things You Should Never Tell Your Partner ...

By Holly

There are things you should never tell your partner, or let your partner say to you. If there is an element of abuse in your relationship, it needs to end. You can either discuss the situation in order to fix it, or you can break up. There's no reason to put up with emotional abuse. Here are some crucial things you should never tell your partner, or let your partner say to you:

1 I'll Leave if...

You can't give your partner an ultimatum over every little thing. Don't claim that you'll break up with them if they refuse to go to your friend's party, or if they keep snoring in their sleep. Constantly warning your partner that you'll leave them over their little actions is one of the things you should never tell your partner, or let a partner say to you. It's a way to control you, and it's incredibly unhealthy.

2 I'd Kill Myself

Never threaten suicide. It's not fair to your partner. Do you really want them to stay with you out of fear that you'll harm yourself? You can't try to sway someone's opinion by saying that you'll hurt yourself, because it'll make their decision even more difficult.


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3 You're Useless

It's rude to tell someone that they're useless, especially when you're the person whom they love the most. Hearing the words from anyone can be scarring, but hearing them from someone they care about is devastating. If you're angry, tell them why you're angry instead of yelling out insults that will hurt them.

4 Be More like Him/her

You can't compare your partner to an ex, or to any other person in your life. It sets unrealistic standards for them, and if you like someone else better, then you should leave to be with them. There's no reason to continue your comparisons, and keep hurting the person who loves you.

5 I Hate Your Parents

Don't bring your partner's parents into an argument just to get them angry. It's not your partner's fault that their father is an alcoholic, so why throw it into their face? It has nothing to do with them, which is why it's a low blow. It's just an easy way to hurt them when you have nothing better to say.

6 I Could do Better

If your partner thinks they can do better, leave them and let them find out the truth. There's no reason to stay with someone who doesn't see how amazing you are. Your partner is supposed to believe you're the greatest thing on Earth. It's healthy for him to recognize your flaws, but it's unhealthy for him to dwell on them and use them against you.

7 Nothing

Ignoring your partner can be just as bad as screaming at them. If you never talk to or touch the person you're dating, something is wrong. It's normal to occasionally have a fight that lasts a while, but if your isolation has been going on for months, it's time to end things.

Emotional abuse is not something to take lightly. If your partner treats you terribly, then you shouldn't settle for them. No matter how much history you have and how much you love them, you can leave to find someone better suited for you. Have you ever been a part of an unhealthy relationship?

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