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7 Feelings Couples Experience in a Successful Relationship ...

By Holly

If you're with the person you're meant to be with, you should already know that there are positive feelings couples experience in a successful relationship. Your partner should make you feel like a valuable, gorgeous woman. He should help you reach a level of happiness that you never knew was possible. Here are some of the most amazing feelings couples experience in a successful relationship:

1 Comfort

Comfort is one of the feelings couples experience in a successful relationship. You should feel comfortable enough to tell your partner everything and anything. They should be someone who you can laugh with, but also someone you can have a serious conversation with. They're not only your partner, but they're your best friend.

2 Determination

Does your partner make you feel like you can take on the world? They should push you to be as successful as you can be, as healthy as you can be, and as happy as you can be. They should help you on your journey, be supportive in all that you do, and make you feel like you can really be anything that you set your mind to.


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3 Safety

You should never feel scared of your partner. It's normal to be worried about your mate getting mad after you lied to him about where you went Saturday night, but if you're expecting him to hit you, something is wrong. You should never allow someone to physically abuse you. If someone hurts you, you have to leave.

4 Passion

You should be excited to hold your mate in your arms. You should be thrilled every time you get the chance to kiss their lips and run your hands over their body. In a healthy relationship, the passion never ends. It might get put on hold for a bit after you get married and have kids, but there will always be that excitement in your hearts.

5 Security

You shouldn't be worried about your relationship ending any time soon. You know that if a problem arises, you'll be able to figure out a solution. The two of you love each other too much to let your relationship end over something silly. You also feel like he can take care of you, and vice versa. If one of you comes down with the flu, the healthy one won't have an issue making soup and spoon-feeding it.

6 Hopefulness

You should be able to imagine a future with your partner. Maybe you can picture having a few kids with him, or maybe you can picture moving into a new house together. The important thing is that you can't imagine your life without him.

7 Thankfulness

You should be thankful that you've found someone as amazing as your partner is. It's difficult to find someone that's right for you, so be proud of your accomplishment, and never forget how lucky you are. Don't let a day go by without reminding them of how special they are, whether you do so by complimenting them or giving them a special kiss.

In a world where it's so easy to get hurt, it's a refreshing feeling to finally experience positive emotions with the love of your life. Once you find him, it'll be difficult to stop smiling. Are you currently in a relationship where you get to feel these lovely emotions?

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