The Very Best Things about Dating Your True Love ...


It's difficult to list the best things about dating your true love, because every moment with him is perfect. You know you love each other dearly, but pinpointing the exact reasons why can be a bit hard. If you can't explain why you're so darn happy, here are some of the best things about dating your true love:

1. Best Friends

How amazing is it to have someone to kiss and someone to tell lame jokes to? Well, one of the best things about dating your true love is that he's your best friend. He's not just someone that you're physical with. He's someone that you can talk to about anything and that you absolute love spending time with. He's the whole package.

Comfort Levels


Haha no offence @Rebecca but no one cares what you do with your boyfriend and how you do it
he was telling me to take off my bra I said no he said should I do it I said yes and he did then oh my god too much fun
I was so painful
my boyfriend loves me and asked me yesturday come over and I went he was with his underwear on and then I took off my cloths and we both were on the bed having sex
Sarah Troudi
I am dating a guy that I truly love but don't know yet for sure if he loves me because he never show anything
#4 is so true. I do that with my boyfriend all the time ☺️
So true..liked it. πŸ’ž
Ahhhh this is me and my boyfriend. So cute :) great article x
Isabella Coles
Yep got all these points for now :) we say "love of my life" to each other sometimes :)
I am!! I'm sure we were made for eachother!:))
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