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There are lots of fun kissing games to play at parties, no matter what your age. It's not all about spin the bottle anymore, you can find all kinds of ways to cut loose and try to kiss the guy you've been crushing on for ages. When you're a teenager at a boy/girl party, kissing games are what make the whole night worth it! Some games, of course, are totally inappropriate for the younger set and, you know, should only be played by people in their twenties, at least. In the interest of fairness, however – because who doesn't love to kiss? – I've included a bit of both in this great list of fun kissing games!

1. 60 Seconds in Heaven

This is a really cute, fun kissing game, because it's not quite so serious. A guy and girl pair off and get sent into the closet for a minute – with a tube of red lipstick. One or the other of them gets some serious red lip, and for the next sixty seconds, proceeds to leave a big red lip print on the face, neck, arms, et cetera, of the other person. Once everyone has played, the couple with the most lip prints wins!

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Danielle Smith
What about kiss and tell? Lol
Heather Jensen
Yes! Adorable. :)
Some of these are so cute!
7 minutes is a dirty version, the girls blindfolded and the boy does what he wants and cant stop him...much more risky
Different game, actually. :) 7 Minutes in Heaven is rather universally known, so these are some different takes.
I thought it was 7 minutes in Heaven, and they didn't have to use lipstick?
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