17 Fun πŸ€— Things to do with Your Man πŸ’‘ without ❌ Actually Leaving the Bed πŸ› ...


If you two are feeling lazy one day and don't want to move from bed, you have a few options. Instead of getting up to start your day, you can have some fun right where you are. Here are a few things you and your man can do without actually leaving your bed:

1. Play Games on Your Phone

Play Games on Your Phone

Nowadays, you don't need to set up a gaming system to have fun. You can just open an app on your phone and challenge each other to a few rounds of your favorite game.

Play Would You Rather


Unlike most normal men my husband is not at all thrilled at the thought of staying in bed together all day while I much crave it. He is definately different than any man I've ever been with and I havnt figured out what's up with him
Katya Pacheco
We either make plans, cuddle or just have sex
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