7 Fun Winter Activities to Try to Bring You Two Closer ...

Winter is full of holiday fun, meant to bring people together through love, laughter and of course, fun winter activities. Whether you want to beat the cold indoors with your loved ones or head outside to get a breath of chilly air, make sure it’s an act that gives you and your honey some bonding time and a chance to get closer. Here are some of my favorite fun winter activities to try in this festive season.

1. Snowball Fight

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Think back to your childhood and try to remember all of the fun times you had in the snow. One of them has got to be a snowball fight right? Well, bring that nostalgia back for you and your guy and get an exciting snowball fight started. Remember to keep it clean! A little competitiveness is also a good way to get active and give you some adrenaline to spice things up somewhere warm later! If you don’t live in an area where it snows, head over to the ice skating rink, which will still allow you to be apart of the frigid fun! It’s definitely one of my go to fun winter activities!

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