11 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Husband That He's Sure to Love ...


11 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Husband That He's Sure to Love ...
11 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Husband That He's Sure to Love ...

Guys can be pretty difficult to shop for during the holiday season, so before you start banging your head against the wall, take a look at my list of amazing Christmas gifts for your husband that he’s sure to love. For the man who has everything or doesn’t want anything, I bet one of these Christmas gifts for your husband will be a win!

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Grooming Kit

Grooming Kit Whether you buy an electric shaver or you get your guy one of those really cool retro shaving sets, a grooming kit is really one of the best Christmas gifts for your husband. Guys need to shave - well, except during Movember - so you can never go wrong with something he will use time and time again.


Tool Set

Tool Set Is your guy handy around the house, always fixing things and hanging up decor for you? If your husband has been searching for a great tool set, but just won’t put the money out there for himself...well ladies, what are you waiting for?! OK, perhaps you’re not sure what brand is a good one to buy, so the next time you're at the store, ask someone in the Home Improvement section for their opinion. Or better yet, see what kinds of tools your hubby actually has out in the garage or in the basement!


Team Gear

Team Gear This year would probably not be the best year to get team gear for my husband; our Pittsburgh Steelers are not doing so hot! However, if your guy’s team is looking pretty good, from what you hear on Sundays, then go all out and get him a jersey or a hoodie so he can represent his favorite team on game day! Team gear is a gift they will never turn down or return.



Tickets Speaking of sports and team gear, if it’s in your budget this year and you’re looking for a really amazing gift that will win him over, game tickets are the way to go! Now, it doesn’t have to be down on the court, behind the goal line, expensive seats; just being there in the atmosphere and experiencing a live game is a thrill all on its own. No need for him to see how many moles the players have on their faces!


Grill or Grilling Set

Grill or Grilling Set Your husband may not love to cook, but he sure does love to grill, especially during football season! Whether you get your guy a better grill that has more burners, or a really great grill set with all the works, he will appreciate that you bought him something he will enjoy. Just don’t forget to stock up on burgers, chicken, and steak!


Techie or Geek

Techie or Geek So he’s not into sports or grilling, but he really loves gadgets and can’t get enough of TV shows like The Big Bang Theory. There are many gifts your tech or geek guy will love this holiday season that you can’t go wrong with. Does he have the new iPhone 5S yet? Or maybe he has mentioned before that he would love to go to Comic Con next year? Even if you can only afford to get him a cool t-shirt or movie set, he will love it just as well. Check out sites like thinkgeek.com for the techie or geek in your life!



Apparel When was the last time your husband shopped for himself? If his jeans are looking pretty worn and his socks are starting to get holey, then you know he will really appreciate some new apparel this Christmas.



Timepiece Sure, most people keep track of time with their cell phones, but a watch is a timeless accessory that looks good on every man! You don’t have to spend big bucks to find a nice watch, there are lots of brands that offer affordable watches that just look expensive. If your guy is more of the casual type, why not get him a fun Swatch watch?



Wallet This is another item that most men do not buy for themselves. They all use one, but they rarely treat themselves to a new wallet for some reason. If your husband has a ratty old wallet that has definitely seen better days, gift him a nice wallet that matches his style. There are so many options ranging from sporty to luxury leather wallets that there is bound to be one that matches his personality.


Bar Accessories

Bar Accessories If your husband likes to enjoy cocktails at home; bar accessories would make the perfect gift! Things like whiskey stones, a nice set of glasses or personalized accessories are all things that any alcohol connoisseur will appreciate, but never think to get for themselves!



Robe What man wouldn’t enjoy a warm, comfortable robe to lounge around in? Give your guy a plush robe that he can relax in on weekend mornings or whenever he pleases! If you have some wiggle room in your budget, you can pair the robe with matching slippers and your husband will be one happy man!

Would you purchase some of these Christmas gifts for your husband? What’s on your list to buy your guy this holiday season?

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