7 Great Reasons to Wait before Moving in with Your Boyfriend ...


You might think you're ready for the next step, but there are quite a few reasons to wait before moving in with your boyfriend. Some couples jump into living together too quickly, while others feel like they wait too long. Believe it or not, there are benefits to waiting. If you're thinking about making the big move, consider these reasons to wait before moving in with your boyfriend. They could very well save your relationship.

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Focus on the Relationship First

One of the biggest reasons to wait before moving in with your boyfriend is to have more time to focus on the relationship. Moving in together isn't something simple or easy. Instead of learning more about creating a stronger relationship, both of you are busy trying to figure out who is paying the bills, who does the chores and how to have a second of privacy. You need to learn more about each other without the daily grind getting in the way.


Less Financial Stress

The moment you move in together, money becomes an issue. You scrutinize everything he buys and vice versa. Suddenly, there are new bills to consider. Take some time to enjoy the relationship without adding in financial stress. The best thing you can do is wait until you both feel comfortable financially before considering living together. It'll eliminate quite a few arguments and give you an easier start together.


Discover Dirty Habits

We all have our own dirty habits such as leaving dishes in the sink until we run out of clean plates. Imagine not knowing many of your guy's dirty habits. When you move in together, you're faced with them all on a daily basis. Are you really ready for that much at once? The longer you wait, the more you learn over time. This gives you both time to accept each other's flaws before having to experience them first hand.


Maintain Freedom

While you can still be independent while living together, it's not the same kind of freedom you get when you live on your own. With your boyfriend, you have someone to answer to before heading out with friends. You have to consider his needs before making your own plans. Living together too quickly can actually make you feel resentful. Instead, take some time to learn how to better balance your guy and your own needs before living together.


Learn Who You Are

In the early stages of a relationship, it's easy to get so wrapped up in each other that you lose track of who you are. Usually, this works itself out as the relationship progresses. When you move in together, you're not giving yourself enough space to learn who you are beyond the relationship. This is especially true if you've never lived on your own before. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Take some quality time for you.


Let the Relationship Stabilize

Relationships go through many stages, but it often takes them a while to stabilize. This period, which is different for every couple, helps you determine whether the relationship has the potential to last or not. When you move in together, you're fast tracking the process which could cause the relationship to fall apart. Wait until you've had some highs and lows to see how both feel before jumping into anything too serious.


Avoid Feeling Trapped

Living together is usually the step many couples take to see if marriage is right for them. The problem is when you move in together too early, you often feel trapped. It's easy to have some breathing room when you both go your separate ways at the end of the night. When you live together and have a big fight, you're stuck together. Too much closeness too soon can be a major recipe for disaster.

When the time is right, move in with your boyfriend. Until you feel the relationship is ready for such a big step, it's okay to wait. After all, the two of you are still together whether you live with him or not. What reasons do you have for waiting?

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I mean diagree*

15 months is over a year. I think this article is aimed more at new relationships. Like don't jump into moving in after only a couple months together.

Phew i was getting a bit worried for a bit there, been with my man for nearly 4 years and hoping to live together next year!

I definitely agree! I just moved in with my boyfriend of 15 months and I couldn't be happier.

I disagree, best way to through all that stuff is to do it

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