7 Points to Consider if Your Friends Don't like Your Boyfriend ...


When friends dislike your boyfriend, it can be a very uncomfortable experience. You want them to get along because they are both important to you, but if it´s obvious that your friends don't like your boyfriend, you´re in a very difficult position. Besides, sometimes there seems to be no good reason for their attitude. But are they right, or is there some other motive behind their behaviour? Here are some points to consider when your friends dislike your boyfriend …

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They Know Something

Have you ever been in a position where you have heard something worrying about a friend´s partner, but you know that you can´t tell her because she´ll be angry with you? If your friend clearly dislikes your boyfriend (and it can be hard to hide), maybe she´s the one that knows something. Of course, you have to trust someone when you´re in a relationship, so it´s very difficult if you start to question yourself about them – are you doing them an injustice?



If your friends dislike your boyfriend, it may not be that they dislike him personally. They may actually be upset that you are spending so much time with him and less with them. When we have a partner, we want to spend as much time as possible with them, especially early on.


This jealousy is a natural response to change. Your friends are used to having your attention and may feel a sense of loss now that your focus has shifted. To mitigate this, look for ways to maintain the balance between your romantic relationship and your friendships. Suggest regular outings or activities that include your boyfriend and your friends so no one feels excluded. This ensures that your friends can get to know him in a relaxed setting, potentially easing their reservations while helping preserve your cherished friendships.


She Fancies Him

If it´s not the case that all your friends dislike your boyfriend, but just one of them, the problem may be that she wants him herself. Sadly, we´ve all known a so-called friend who doesn´t respect boundaries, and thinks it´s fine to go after someone else´s boyfriend. Women like this may try to make you think he´s a bad guy in order to split you up – and leave him free for her to move in on him.



We´ve probably all been guilty of neglecting our friends in favour of a boyfriend at least once – if not several times. Of course, when you´re in love with someone you want to be around them all the time. And your friends will always be there, won´t they? Don´t make the mistake of expecting your friends to fill in the gap between boyfriends – if they don´t seem too keen on your current guy, it may be that they´re fed up of being treated in this way.


Worried about You

Sometimes your friends aren´t too happy with the guy you´re seeing because they´re worried about you. Maybe you have a history of dating the same type and end up getting hurt. Ultimately you´re responsible for your own choices, and can date who you want, but do consider if they have good reason to be concerned about you.


It´s Their Problem

Sometimes when your friends dislike your boyfriend, it is, quite simply, their problem. Maybe they just don´t have anything in common with him, and that shows itself as dislike. Or perhaps they don´t even know why they don´t like him, and have no good reason to do so.


They Have a Point

Sometimes, though, it pays to be honest with yourself and ask yourself if your friends´ dislike has a sound foundation? Often we ignore the warning signs that we get, indicating that the guy we´re dating isn´t the right guy for us. It can be hard to admit that you´ve made a bad choice, but friends can often see things more clearly than we can.

It´s not much fun when it´s clear that your friends don't like your boyfriend. You want them all to get on, because they´re all important parts of your life. But sometimes it just doesn´t work out that way. The issue may be with your boyfriend, or it may be your friends. Are you in the awkward position where your friends dislike your boyfriend, and how do you handle it?

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