7 Great Things about Dating a Sagittarius ...


7 Great Things about Dating a Sagittarius ...
7 Great Things about Dating a Sagittarius ...

A recent conversation with my December-born boyfriend inspired me to list all of the great things about dating a Sagittarius. There are days when I think that astrology is a bunch of hokum, but there are also days when I take guilty pleasure in discovering that my horoscope is basically a summary of my life. The description of Sagittarius that my boyfriend and I looked up was spot on in describing his traits. Take a peek at some of these Sagittarian characteristics and contemplate whether or not you’d be interested in dating this fiery sign; or, if you’re already dating a Sagittarius, see if you agree that your partner has a similar nature. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, it can be fun to look into your significant other’s sign.

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They’re Optimistic

One of the great things about dating a Sagittarius is that they are unfailingly optimistic. No matter how bad a situation is, they are able to make the best of it and find a silver lining. My boyfriend often tells me that under most circumstances, he prepares for the worst, but that doesn’t stop him from hoping for the best. If you tend to be a little cynical like me, dating someone under this sign can help you spend more time looking on the bright side. If you’re tired of your cup being half-empty, spending time with a cheerful Sagittarius will help you realize that your cup is half-full!


Sagittarians have a unique ability to uplift your spirits with their contagious positivity. Their bright outlook on life is like a beacon of hope, especially on days when the clouds seem endless. Imagine a partner who not only cherishes your successes but also helps you laugh in the face of setbacks. It's that kind of resilient joy that makes tough times feel like mere hiccups on the road to happiness. They don’t just see the glass as half full—they see it as an opportunity for a refill!


They Are Adventurous

If you love adventure, Sagittarians are some of the best people for you to be with. Dating someone under this sign will unlock a world in which you endlessly experience new things. While I love the idea of exploring and getting outside of my comfort zone, I often find myself feeling meek or shy. My boyfriend is very good at convincing me to try new things. He enjoys teaching me self-defense, coaxing me to eat new foods, exploring new places with me, and encouraging me to be more open-minded. Dating a Sagittarius ensures that you will never be caught in a mundane cycle of sticking to what you know!


They Are Loads of Fun

Sagittarians undeniably know how to have fun. My boyfriend’s inner-child constantly shines through, which I absolutely adore. He and I enjoy venturing to playgrounds, skipping rocks, having intense tickle fights, and watching Disney movies. If you’re dating a Sagittarius, it’s very possible that you will take yourself less seriously as a result. Sagittarians are experts at getting others to laugh and they will always show you a good time!


Knowledge Seekers and Sharers

Sagittarians are avid knowledge seekers who love to consume as much information about the world around them as they can. They are ceaselessly curious and enjoy hunting down answers to their questions. In my experience, dating a Sagittarius is a bit like owning my own human encyclopedia. My boyfriend loves to research science, sociology, and history. Being in a relationship with a Sagittarian promises that you will constantly be learning, because people under this sign love to share their wealth of knowledge with others. Dating a Sagittarius promises for great, and informed, conversations.


They Are Talkative

Sagittarians just love to talk their heads off. For some, this may come off as undesirable, but because I am soft spoken and enjoy being a listener, my relationship with a Sagittarius works out perfectly. My boyfriend has someone to share his thoughts with, and I have someone to listen to. It’s also nice to have a Sagittarius by your side during social occasions because they always have something to say and are well versed in breaking the ice with others. Sagittarius’s outgoing and affable manner doesn’t hurt a bit when introducing this sign to friends and family!


They Enjoy Travelling

Sagittarians make awesome travel buddies. They love to explore new places and learn as much as they can when taking trip. Because my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, this works out perfectly. We have lots of fun flying across the country to see each other and during our trips, we love to visit new places together and take excursions to nearby cities and even different states. Whether you’re already comfortable with travelling or are afraid to venture out on your own, dating a Sagittarius can make for excellent vacations.


They Are Honest

Sagittarians are known for their devout honesty. They are open with their feelings and opinions, never masking their thoughts or sugar-coating their words. My boyfriend possesses this Sagittarian trait and its one of the things that I love most about him. There is a comfort in having a partner who isn't afraid to talk to you about anything and is more than willingly to be truthful about the way he feels in any given situation, negative or positive. A Sagittarian partner is easy to confide in; you know that you can be honest with him the way that he is with you.

These are a few of the things that I absolutely love about dating a Sagittarius. If you are also seeing someone under this sign, do they exhibit the same characteristics? What other astrological signs do you think make great romantic partners?

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I'm a Sagittarius and these traits are identical to mine but we also are very blunt with our honesty I've been told I have no tact and no filter which not everyone can handle. Proud 2 be a Sagittarian

Not all Sagittarius' act like this

Not every Sagittarius acts like this you know that right

my boyfriend and I are both Sagittarius, but I have more of these qualities than he does.

I'm a Sag too & those are spot on for my personality.

anyone can relate to these traits they're very vague!

I'm a Sagittarius and I'm nothing like this.

spot on! I'm a sag and I recognize myself in every category! :-)

I'm a Sag too😉and these are all me!! I love reading about signs,Espeacially mine and my loved ones

so true. im sagittarius . works well with my nature.. u seem to have a good understanding with ur bf.. tats good. have a great future ahead :)

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