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7 Habits of Very Happy Wives ...

By Alicia

If you observe a lot of wives, you’ll notice some differences. Some are a great deal happier than others. While part of that depends on the type of marriage a wife has, there’re other factors at play. Let’s talk about the habits happy wives have that make that a noticeably huge difference in their happiness level.

1 Marriage Isn’t Their Identity

One of the first habits you’ll notice about very happy wives is that marriage isn’t their entire identity. While a happy wife loves her husband and treasures being part of a couple she also knows she’s still a unique individual. She doesn’t lose herself in her marriage. While identifying yourself as only a part of a couple may seem like a good thing to do, it really isn’t. The advice to take from this is to remember you’re still your own person, even inside of a deeply committed relationship.

2 They Respect Boundaries in Their Relationship

This one goes hand-in- hand with the first point. A wife that doesn’t base her sole identity on marriage understands and respects boundaries between herself and her husband. She allows her husband to have room to make his own decisions and she makes hers. She’s fully confident that her husband can handle his life. While she’ll give advice if asked, she’s comfortable giving him room to handle things on his own.

3 They’ve Got a Positive Outlook

Happy wives have a positive outlook on life. They’ll tend to focus on all of the blessings in their life. While they can have a bad day the same as anyone else, they’ll most likely choose to put their energy into looking at the good in the midst of it. Happy wives are people that cultivate a heart of gratitude. This’s a choice that has a side benefit; it draws people to them, which in turn means they have many friends.

4 They Don’t Get Upset over Poker Night

One rule that happy wives follow is this one. They don’t get upset over poker night, a golf game or whatever it is that their husband does for fun. They give him space to do whatever he wishes to feel refreshed and refueled. They realize he’ll come home happier which is a plus for their marriage. Most happy wives have also learned to use this time to get their own fun thing going.

5 They Aren’t Clingy

Happy wives aren’t clingy wives. They’re loving and affectionate but without crossing the line into being clingy. They’re very comfortable giving their husband space. In return, their husbands are usually romantic and enjoy pursuing their wives. A bit of space can actually make a man become more romantic.

6 They Take Care of Themselves

Happy wives take care of themselves. They don’t feel the need to neglect themselves in order to be part of a married couple. They know they can do both. A happy wife takes care of herself physically, mentally and socially. She makes time for things like working out, enjoying a favorite hobby and a night out with the girls.

7 They’re Confident Women

Lastly, happy wives are confident wives. They don’t have a lot of insecurities. That’s because they’ve dealt with those and realize their worth. They have confidence which their husbands find incredibly sexy. Becoming confident is something each of us can do with some work within ourselves.

These’re 7 habits of happy wives. The good thing is that all of these’re habits that you can learn and practice in your own marriage. Which ones do you plan to work on?

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