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25 Kisses All Girls Should Know to Kiss like a Queen ...

By Neecey

Attention class! Sit up straight and pay attention. Today’s lesson is on the matter of kissing. I wonder how many types of kisses you know?

1 French Kiss

Interaction, Fashion, Love, Human, Cool,It might be the most famous type of kiss but it needs practice. The tongue is heavily in play but get it wrong and you could be swimming in saliva. Both mouths are open and the tongues dance together.

2 Single Lip Kiss

Cute and romantic, the single lip kiss is where the mouth of one party closes in on just the top or bottom lip of the other party – bottom or top lip - either works.


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3 Butterfly Kiss

color,face,hair,blue,nose,A seriously close up kiss - when you get close to the person's face and your eyelashes physically connect with one another.

Snowlion isn't a butterfly kiss, it's conjunctivitis waitin...

4 Spiderman Kiss

Arm, Flip (acrobatic), Acrobatics, Elbow, Performance,All thanks to the movie. One partner is inverted (or upside down).

5 Breath Kiss

black,nose,black and white,white,photography,Work to master this one. Inhale deeply and lock lips with your partner. Slowly exhale as they inhale, then inhale as they exhale. Tricky but very sensual.

6 Jawline Kiss

black,white,photograph,black and white,person,A firm kiss on the lower side of the face where it meets the neck. Can be given as a prequel to an earlobe kiss or before moving down the neck onto the shoulder or chest.

7 Neck Kiss

Face, Hair, White, Black, Photograph,Intimate and erotic. Find out where your partner loves it best. Behind or just below the ear or where the neck starts to become the shoulder are often favorite places.

8 Prolonged Kiss

Black, Black-and-white, Love, Romance, Kiss,Lips are locked forever. It’s lips only and lots of lip to lip kissing, full of passion and raw emotion

9 Body Kiss

Shoulder, Barechested, Male, Arm, Muscle,Soft kisses - and wherever you feel comfortable with mouth to skin contact.

10 Vampire Kiss

black,black and white,face,photography,monochrome photography,Kiss like a vampire, deep on the neck of him or her, suck and bite the area. The head of the person being kissed is usually held back or to the side to expose the neck.

11 Earlobe Kiss

face,black and white,nose,person,photography,Can be one of the most romantic kiss types - the action of gently tugging up and down near the earlobes. Make it hot and passionate by using your tongue.

12 Secret Message Kiss

human action,person,black,black and white,photography,The perfect way to send out an Intimate message or a secret sans others knowing about it. Spell out a message by twisting or touching your partner's tongue or simply whisper sweet nothings during a French kiss.

13 Angel Kiss

sculpture,painting,art,head,statue,A delicate kiss placed on or near the eyes.

14 Cheek Kiss

blue,person,woman,photography,ceremony,Friendly, respectable and adorable. Suitable for exchange between friends or lovers.

15 The Hickey

white,face,black,black and white,nose,Not really a kiss - more a sucking action that leaves a mark.

16 Forehead Kiss

human action,person,blue,woman,darkness,A simple show of affection. It becomes sensual if the head is held.

17 Wet Kiss

black,black and white,white,person,close up,An open mouthed kiss that can be with tongue or sans tongue. Don't let it get sloppy!

18 Lizard Kiss

human action,face,black,black and white,person,Where the tongue sticks in and out of the mouth of the partner, in quick strokes.

19 Air Kiss

human action,clothing,active undergarment,brassiere,muscle,No contact made and often accompanied by mwah mwah sounds.

20 Biting Kiss

human action,person,black and white,kiss,photography,A lip is gently nibbled - works better on the bottom lip.

21 Lip Gloss Kiss

color,red,lip,pink,produce,Fun and flirty. Girl loads up her lips with gloss and rubs her lips on her man's, transferring the color. Make it more fun with fruity flavor gloss.

22 Lick Kiss

black,black and white,white,person,nose,A definite message in a kiss. Can be delivered in fun or in seriousness during passion.

23 Lean-in Kiss

bicycle,road,vehicle,street,cycling,May not seem intimate because the only body parts in close proximity are the lips, but its intention is clear.

24 Eskimo Kiss

person,hairstyle,photo shoot,interaction,romance,A traditional Inuit greeting, transformed to an adorable show of affection. Simply rub noses gently together, Make more sensual by closing your eyes.

25 Blow Kiss

hair,human hair color,blond,face,clothing,A sweet gesture understood by everybody.

So how many of these did you know. I can't wait to hear if you know any other types of kisses? Time to kiss and tell.

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