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Has the Purpose of Dating Changed over the Years ?

By Lexi

Dating is such dynamic topic. There’s so much to say about it. Its evolution through the years makes it such an interesting topic. However, it does really make me wonder about the purpose of dating. Has it changed as well?

One thing is for sure. Dating has changed over the years. According to, it’s a far cry from the days when our parents were dating. Well, I think that’s pretty obvious. Who’d ever think that online dating would ever be possible but it is.

Considering how it has evolved through the years, has the purpose of dating changed as well?

1 What Exactly is the Purpose of Dating?

People date for lots of reasons. The website lists down five good reasons as to why we go on dates. To start with, dating is fun. Who doesn’t like the excitement of meeting or being with someone, right?

The second reason for dating is because we want to socialize. Of course, these days, the manner in which we socialize has also evolved. We can socialize online as well. Social media make that possible these days.

Companionship is the third reason as to why we date. The last two reasons sound pretty familiar. We all want to find the perfect partner so that we could head for the altar.

These are pretty good reasons as to why we date. While there are a lot of reasons as to why we date, the purpose remains the same. We just want to meet someone and hopefully that someone turns out to be the perfect match for us.

2 So Has It Changed over the Years?

Definitely not! The purpose of dating has not changed over the years. While the manner in which we date has changed a lot, the purpose for doing it hasn’t.

We date for the same purpose our parents did decades ago. It’s just that we do it differently now. We’re probably bolder about dating, but we’re in it for the same reason our parents were. Hence, the purpose of dating remains the same.

We all want to meet the right person and live happily ever after. We all want to find our forever, even if we aren’t really sure if there’s such a thing.

Hence, we go on dates. We go through the whole process of meeting and getting to know someone. We invest our time and emotions. Even if it seems like the person isn’t a match, we turn a blind eye and hope for a change, all for the purpose of dating.

Whatever the purpose of dating is, I can honestly say that it is an exciting way of meeting someone. While there is no guarantee that comes with dating, heck, it’s fun.

There’s just something ironic about dating. In spite of the fact that the practice has been around for so long, it still doesn’t guarantee a lifetime of compatibility. It would be great if it could but it just doesn’t guarantee it.

Still, it gives us hope. The same hope our parents had when they were dating as well. Hence, the purpose of dating remains the same. So, we should really just enjoy it. Let’s have fun and see where dating can eventually take us. After all, the purpose of dating is really to meet and to get to know more people.

Do you agree that the purpose of dating has remained the same through the years? Feel free to share your thoughts with LexiMaxx (me).

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