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Are you struggling to find a date/mate or boyfriend? The dating scene is not always a friendly animal. Many are turning to dating apps and sites to find love, but there are still girls who want to find their partner the β€œold-fashioned” way. That doesn’t mean to say the old-fashioned way can’t be brought up to date for the teen decade of the 21st century.

1. Find a Man in the Supermarket by Using Your Smile

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Ladies, if you are in a regular setting such as a supermarket, you are going to catch men off guard. They are not in their best clothes with a splash of cologne; they are in their sweat pants or their uniform from work. If you want to attract a man in such a setting, learn to smile more. Smile more as you walk and move and men will notice you, especially if you direct that smile at them. If he is a beta-male, cowardly, or has a partner, he will slink away. If he is smart and single, he will find it easier to say hello because you already have a smile on your face and you seem like a happy person that will not cruelly reject him. Try to put yourself in men’s shoes if you want to attract them in regular settings.

+ Do not try to attract a man by trying to catch his eye as you would in a bar. The protracted eye-to-eye stare followed by coyly looking away may work in bars, but is creepy in regular places.

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