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The Hottest Spots to Meet Men as a Single Lady in 2019 ...

By Neecey

Still single? Challenge yourself that 2019 will be the year you meet your Prince Charming, the guy who will bowl you over, sweep you off your feet and all those other clichés. Great resolution but where to meet the cutest guy ever?

Table of contents:

  1. The gym
  2. Tech stores
  3. A rally
  4. Farmers market
  5. A book shop
  6. Intramural sports
  7. Online dating
  8. Coffee shop
  9. Steak house
  10. Extreme sports
  11. Church
  12. The office
  13. College
  14. Your friends
  15. Vacation
  16. The park
  17. Art gallery
  18. A blood drive
  19. Wine tasting
  20. A running club
  21. A wedding
  22. A laundromat
  23. A ski resort
  24. Walking the dog
  25. Hardware store
  26. Museum
  27. Concert
  28. The beach
  29. Social media
  30. The movies
  31. A sports game
  32. A brewery
  33. Library
  34. Dance lessons
  35. At the supermarket
  36. The bowling alley
  37. The mall
  38. A party

1 The Gym

The gym is one of the best places to meet men that you have an immediate shared interest with - exercise and healthy living!

2 Tech Stores

A lot of men love tech and gadgets, and the chances that they will be handy around the house are much higher in a tech store!

3 A Rally

A political rally is like the gym, you know that you will share an immediate and important common interest if you meet at something important like a campaign.

4 Farmers Market

This shows that your potential man has an environmental conscience, likes to buy local and is probably a nifty chef!

5 A Book Shop

A love of literature is often an indicator of a really mature and educated background, so bookstores are great for good quality guys!

6 Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are a fun environment without too much competitive edge that will give you the chance to fun together and be active.

7 Online Dating

It may have been frowned upon ten years ago, but online dating is now a completely accepted option for finding love in 2016!

8 Coffee Shop

You can tell a lot about a man buy what kind of coffee her drinks. Whether you want an espresso man or a latte man, the coffee shop is the place to be!

9 Steak House

A lot of guys love their steak, so a steak house is great location to have a drink at the bar and see who turns up!

10 Extreme Sports

If you’re looking for an adventurous man, then look no further than going on an extreme sports day out; you might meet your very own action man!

11 Church

If your religion and morals are super important to you, then you know you can find someone similar at your local church.

12 The Office

You spend most of your week there to begin with, why not make it multipurpose and set your sights on finding a man?

13 College

If you are in college, you have a plethora of romantic options sitting their right in front of you! Socialize, mingle, you’ll be successful in no time!

14 Your Friends

Ask your friends to set you up with somebody who they think you’d hit it off with. They know you better than anyone; they might be on to something!

15 Vacation

Everyone is always at their happiest when on vacation, so keep your eye out for any hot guys you might be interested in, they might be interested too!

16 The Park

If you like to take relaxing strolls through your local park, keep an eye out for any guys that appear to enjoy the same thing. Maybe you can start walking together!

17 Art Gallery

If you love high culture, then the best option for finding a partner who loves the same is to take a solo trip to your favorite art gallery.

18 A Blood Drive

People who give blood are some of the most considerate, upstanding people around, so you can be sure to see some really great guys when you go to the blood drive.

19 Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is always great for socializing, and by the end of the evening you will be a little tipsy and flirty!

20 A Running Club

If you love running, you’ll want a boyfriend who loves running too, so it makes sense that you should head to your local running club to assess the situation!

21 A Wedding

Weddings are always full of single friends of the bride and groom. Have a little drink, have a little dance, let the wedding atmosphere take over!

22 A Laundromat

It’s not the most beautiful location, but a Laundromat is the perfect place to give you a set period of time to chat and flirt before your washing is done!

23 A Ski Resort

I tend to think that ski resorts always attract the same kind of people, so the chances are you will find a compatible match on the slopes.

24 Walking the Dog

You’re going to want a boyfriend that loves animals as much as you do, so if a cute single guy takes interest in your pup when out walking, you might be in there!

25 Hardware Store

Any guy browsing in a hardware store is going to be a sure bet for all those little jobs around the house, so ask for some help at the store and try to strike up a connection!

26 Museum

Museums are great because they take a while to walk round and there are endless possibilities for conversation starters with all the exhibits.

27 Concert

Meeting a guy at a concert means you already have a shared interest, and it gives you the opportunity to both talk and dance on the ‘first date’!

28 The Beach

What’s sexier than a sun tanned surfer dude riding the waves? The only place you’ll be able to find one is on the beach!

29 Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of things like Twitter and Facebook. They give you the opportunity to get to know the guy before you have even met him.

30 The Movies

There is something inherently romantic about a movie theatre, with the thought of snuggling in the back row on all of our minds!

31 A Sports Game

Girls who love sports are few and far in-between, so put your sports love out there for the single guys to see; they will love it!

32 A Brewery

A little cliché, but guys like their beer! A brewery tour is a cool place to have a fun afternoon and be in with the chance of meeting someone!

33 Library

There is something kind of sexy about the quiet tension that you have to keep in a library, especially if you have been having flirty eye contact with a cute guy for a while!

34 Dance Lessons

There is something endearing and sexy about a single guy who turns up to a dance class.

35 At the Supermarket

Cos everyone has to eat, right? And you can spot the single guy by the food he’s putting in his cart. Check out how many TV dinners and microwave meals and single serves he’s buying.

36 The Bowling Alley

Bowling is like an American institution right? Plenty of guys stalk those aisles aiming for the perfect strike. Check out his form as he bends to throw.

37 The Mall

Men don't like to shop so any guy trawling the mall alone is probably single (unless he's shopping for a gift for his girl!)

38 A Party

Meeting men should be fun. A house party, college party, office party - all are ripe picking grounds for finding single, cute guys.

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