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9 Helpful Tips on How to Hold Your Temper ...

By Heather

Learning exactly how to hold your temper in a fight isn't easy! I know, I use to lose my temper all the time when my partner and I were fighting. Since we've been together for 6 years, I've learned all of the tips on how to hold your temper that really work and can actually save your relationship! If you have a really hard time holding your temper and are trying to learning how to hold your temper, you've got to take a look at my tips below!

1 Trade Places with the Person You Are Angry with

Have you ever thought about putting yourself in the place of the person that is on the receiving end of your fury? Did you ever think about what they are feeling while you are yelling and screaming? This is one tip on how to hold your temper that you've got to learn. It took me a long, long time to learn this, but now, it makes me stop yelling and makes me realize how the person I am yelling at feels!

2 Is It Worth the Anger?

Is the thing that you are angry at worth the anger? Do you really think that it is worth all of the madness? Do you think that you could be putting your energy into something else? Truthfully, half of the fights that my partner and I get into aren't even worth the anger and that's one of the reasons why I've learned to hold my temper.

3 Get Some Exercise

Did you know that exercise can actually release all kinds of endorphins into your body and your brain and make you happy? If you are feeling angry, one of the ways that I've learned to hold my temper is to get some exercise and get my adrenaline pumping.

4 Talk It over

If you don't think that you'll be able to exercise or place yourself in your boyfriend's shoes, another tip on how to hold your temper all revolves around talking it over. Talk to your boyfriend. Talk about expectations and what is bothering you, instead of blowing it up. Truthfully, this works every single time and can save a ton of fights!

5 Take Deep Breathes

If you are really, really angry and you can't seem to brush it off, one surefire way to hold your temper all revolves around your breath. Just take a couple deep breaths, reflect on exactly what you are fighting about and exactly why you need to be angry. This one has saved me from blowing up so many times!

6 Walk Away

If you really are angry and can't seem to break it, you need to walk away. Walking away and cooling down is a greater option than making everything worse and yelling at your boyfriend. So, take a few minutes, a few hours and even a day to just cool down. Tell him that you need that time so he knows.

7 Count to 10

I know, I know, this tip on how to hold your temper can seem a little bit old-fashioned but it totally works girls. Just take your time, close your eyes and count to ten. This tip has saved me countless times from spinning out of control and making the fight a little bit worse.

8 Meditate on the Issue

Have you ever meditated before? Have you ever just sat down and let your head become super clear? Maybe you could even write down your thoughts and figure out why, at the core, you are angry and what's making you that angry. This totally helps girls, I promise you. I meditate even when I'm not angry and it makes me calmer and all around better.

9 Focus on Something Positive

Finally, focus in on something super positive girls! Do you have something that you are looking forward to? Something that is positive in your life? Focus in on that girls, instead of the anger!

So, there you have it, all of my ways on how to hold your temper to really make sure that the fight fizzles out instead of continues. So, what other ways on how to hold your temper do you have? Share 'em!

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