Here's How to Avoid Heartbreak and Be a Heartbreaker Instead ...


It's all too easy to get your heart broken, which is why you need to be careful about whom you trust. Even the nicest guys can destroy you if you don't watch your back. That's why you need to be on alert at all times. Here's how to avoid heartbreak and be a heartbreaker instead:

1. Be Open to Others

The easiest way to get your heart broken is to find one man you're interested in and ignore all of the other great men around him. Instead of focusing all of your energy on one guy, divide it. You're not limited to having one crush. As long as you're not in a relationship yet, you're allowed to flirt with multiple guys in one day. The more, the merrier.

Don't Settle for Scum


Being hurt is the worst thing in the world, the mind make over by Sharon Lowe is a good read and about career over love but can be applied to all aspects of your life. I'm struggling with a recent bre...
I loved the article. Now I know why I was heartbroken guess that not gonna happen anymore✌
Nikki Anderson
I just lost a man I was falling in love with because I was too mysterious and unable to open up as quickly as he wanted me to... So don't always play your cards too close to your chest
also author suggests having fun and finding out about each other before opening up.
vulnerable: : easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally : open to attack, harm, or damage.. y is it ok...
The thing is, it's okay to be vulnerable
That's right!!!!!!
feel the power istead, yes tori.
Michelle Maganto Esperal
Awesome article ❀️
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