Here's Why You Shouldn't Feel Sad about Not Having a BF Yet ...

By Alison

Do you feel you're being left behind, and that all your girlfriends have a boyfriend? Does it feel like you're the only girl in school or college without a boyfriend? Don't be sad about being single; there's nothing wrong with it. If anyone teases you, ignore them. There's nothing wrong with not having a boyfriend yet, and here's why …

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Being Single is Fine - Honestly!

Girls often feel there must be something wrong with them if they haven't had a boyfriend yet. But it really is nothing wrong with you. It just means that you haven't met someone you're interested in yet. The time will come. Being single is absolutely fine, so enjoy it, and don't worry that there's something wrong with you.


It's Not a Race

But all my friends have a boyfriend! Well, this isn't a race, and you haven't been left behind. They haven't beaten you, and they're not better than you just because they have boyfriends. You don't have to catch up with them, and you don't have anything to prove. You don't have to try to beat anyone to the end, either. Go at your own pace, and don't worry about what anyone else is doing.


Wait to Date the Right Guy

Being in a hurry to bag a boyfriend can mean that you end up dating someone you're not really that interested in. That's not fair on him, and isn't right for you. It's worth waiting instead for the right guy, so that you're dating someone you really like. Don't waste your time on the wrong one.


Having a Boyfriend Isn't All That

I used to feel that there was something wrong with me because I didn't have a boyfriend by the time I was 16. But now I can look back and see that there wasn't anything wrong with me. I can also see that I wasn't missing out on anything other than trying to boast to my peers. Once you've had boyfriends, you realise that it's not all that, and that sometimes they're downright annoying!


People Can Lie about Having a Boyfriend

So you think that everyone at school has a boyfriend. But do you know that for a fact? Sometimes girls lie and make out they are dating, because they want people to think they're attractive to boys. Girls can be quite competitive, but may also see their value in their attraction to boys.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett

You Can Please Yourself and do What You Want

Being single is actually a pretty good deal. You don't have to think about someone else, and can just do what you want when you want. You have more free time for hobbies and sports, or whatever you like to do. You can spend time with your friends. Nobody gets jealous of what else you have going on in your life and demands that they be your no. 1 priority.


When the Time is Right

Try to relax about not having a boyfriend, and don't be desperate. That's really not attractive, and risks you ending up dating someone who won't treat you well. Guys can smell desperation, believe me - and some of them will happily take advantage of it. It's better to have no boyfriend than one who just wants to use you.

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Not having a boyfriend and being single is not called as "being left behind ". That's surely not a great start to an article.

SINGLE = no distractions !! :)

Finally and article that I can relate to. I always felt like such a loner just because I didn't have a boyfriend. And now that my friend has a boyfriend she seems to be rubbing it in my face, like she's better than me or something.

Heck, I was 20 by the time I felt like I thought I was even ready to start committing to a relationship! I had my moments where I wished during the single life. Even now I still don't mind the me time, still have my independence :) my advice: wait until the right time - was worth the wait for me :)

So glad I read this! Being single is not that bad! I'm 17 and I've never had a boyfriend. Although I've thought through it sometimes, I always decide not wanting to seem desperate and just wait a little more longer for the right one to come along :)

Yesss! So true

This is great! I especially love #4 & #6 I always complained about being single and sometimes got teased. I even tried dating guys that I wasn't really that into just to say that I was dating someone. I say don't force it! Now that I'm in a relationship it has been a very big adjustment. You can't just focus on yourself or only do just what you want now that you're in a relationship. It's a balancing act. Enjoy the single life while you can ;)

I do have a crush on two people who are extremely close to me and I want one them to date me, only problem is one of these guys are in China.

I feel insanely lonely at times . My best friend got a boyfriend and started ignoring me because she became his number one priority . Me ? I haven't dated all through high school , and my senior year is coming up . I'm happy to hear that people understand , and that there isn't anything wrong with me .

Being single is doing evwrything yourself, especially when yoiur friends and sisters are all married, have kids and having nothing in common when them. So you end up paying all the bills all the rent year after year. There is a point of no return somewhere around the late thirties and early forties. Believe there is not eniugh love to go around and that my friend is tiresome and bleak.