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How RomComs Are Soo Much Different from Real Life ...

By Leena

I think it's time we women admit something to ourselves. Actresses like Katherine Heigl, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are screwing us over by making movies- romantic comedies- that portray love and life like a fairy tale. We watch in awe and become entranced with the story line, when it isn't even real. Here are the ways in which rom coms are giving us unrealistic expectations.

1 The Leading Lady Lives in Luxury

The Leading Lady Lives in Luxury Most romantic comedies take place in expensive cities like New York or Los Angeles. And yet the main actress always lives in this nice big apartment, decorated like a page from Martha Stewart Living Magazine. And they often live by themselves, without a roommate. I can hardly afford a copy of Martha Stewart Living Magazine!

2 High End Fashion is Everyday Attire

High End Fashion is Everyday Attire In addition to having a fancy abode, the women in rom coms are always dressed to the nines. Clearly they don't shop at consignment stores. Their shopping spots of choice are places like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Meanwhile, I peruse the clearance racks at Target.

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3 Morning Breath? under Eye Circles? Nope

Morning Breath? under Eye Circles? Nope Yeah, we all wake up in the morning looking flawless with minty fresh breath. You know those scenes in rom coms where the girl turns to her guy in bed and they make out and talk in each other's faces? Come on. In reality, we wake up with major bed head, bags under our eyes and breath that could knock over a camel.

4 Scoring That Dream Job is Easy

Scoring That Dream Job is Easy Even if she doesn't have her dream job at the start of the movie, the main actress always ends up getting the job at the end. In real life, it isn't that easy. Sometimes our dream job slips through our fingers. We must pay our dues before we start getting paid the big bucks.

5 Boy Meets Girl...and Falls in Love

Boy Meets Girl...and Falls in Love One of the biggest- and most frustrating- lies that romantic comedies teach us is that in the end, we WILL get the guy. No, we won't. Not always. And it usually ends up being in our best interest, but rom coms give off the impression that we'll end up living happily ever after with our dream guy. Actually, many times that is where the guys stay- in our dreams.

6 A Makeover Makes You Better

A Makeover Makes You Better How many times have we seen the lead actress start out as a frumpy, shy girl who doesn't think she's good enough for the guy, and then she evolves into this supermodel with confidence and suddenly the guy takes notice? We shouldn't have to change our appearance in order for a guy to like us.

7 There is Always a Happy Ending

There is Always a Happy Ending Ever seen a rom com that doesn't end well? Yeah, me either. And that perception of "happily ever after" has ruined us. Life is a mess. A big fat mess full of disappointment and rejection. But that's ok, because we can handle it.

I love watching rom coms as much as the next girl. But sometimes it's good to step back and remember that it's just a movie. It's created for our entertainment. It's a way to escape the reality that is vastly different from what we see on the big screen. Have you seen any good rom coms lately?

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