How to Be a Good Girlfriend, Even during the Rough Patches ...


It's easy to forget that the path of true love never runs smoothly. Even the best relationships hit rough patches! And when we're cross with our partner we distance ourselves, or act like they're ruining the relationship. But if we accept that there are difficult times between couples, we are showing maturity and being a good partner. Here's how to be a good girlfriend, even during the rough patches …

1. Accept His Flaws

When things are a little tricky between you and your boyfriend, it's easy to focus on his flaws and get even more cross with him. But his flaws are part of him, and nobody's perfect. It's far more realistic to accept him as he is, rather than wishing he was something he's not.

Support His Decisions


This exactly what I have been trying to explain.... To a friend of mine.
I agree with this post!
The only way any relationship can get over the rough patches is when both partners are patient and understanding. Demanding that your SO does the things in this article first is counterproductive. Tha...
My boyfriend and i both do this. Its not a one way street. We both put in the effort because thats the only way this relationship will work.
Its easier to find a girl that has all these qualities/does all these things then it is to find a man that does all these things....
This stuff should equally apply to a how a boyfriend should make same effort. It makes it sound like females are always working their hardest to make sure her man is A okay at all times and nothing is...
She Loves Love should tell before the behavior becomes permanent.
Having a 'finance' who, when he does go out, stays out until 5-6am. I can't deal with a relationship like this. It's driving me nuts. He thinks he isn't doing any harm but he couldn't give a shit how it's effecting me.
LaDonna A Love
Love this article I needed that advice since I am in a new relationship thanks for this wonderful article! :-)
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